Element light Lt. Ken Suketani
Ken Suketani
Lt. Ken Suketani
Game Sh1gamelogo
Kana 助谷祐之助*
Romaji Suketani Kenosuke
Age Unknown
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black (Shaved)
Home Japan
Element Light Element light

A Lt. for the Japenese Imperial Army he seems to be a trusted soldier for Yoshiko Kawashima, possibly even giving his own life to protect her whereabouts.


A young lieutenant who admires Kawashima. he doesn't look like a spy, but he is in charge of investigating Dehuai. A straight-arrow soldier.


Ken Suketani works for Lt. Colonel Kawashima. He mostly does esiponage and retrives information to her like Dehaui's whereabouts and the investigation commitee. He seems to also care for Kawashima like when Suketani gave that hard stare at Kato in the beginning when he was going to tell Kawashima the information about the investigation commitee.


Talk Portrait

And when he warns Kato to watch Kawashima telling him that the investigation commitee is up to something. After the events in the Temple Ruins Major Kaoru Kutsugi arrives to Shanghi and then demands Ken Suketani to tell him where Kawashima is hidden, but he refuses to tell him where she is hiding disappointed at not recieveing information on her whereabouts Major Kaoru Kutsugi orders his men to kill him.

A few minutes afterwards Kato sees Ken Suketani while going to retrieve the Yawang Gate Key. In his last breath before he dies he tells him it is hidden on the boat and for him to protect Kawashima at all costs.

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