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Lucia Lucia
Game Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Kana ルチア
Romaji Ruchia
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Yuka Koyama
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Michelle Ruff*
Age 28
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Home Florence, Italy
Weapon(s) Lucia's Fans
Special Arts Tarot Cards, Aromatherapy
Element Dark Element dark.gif

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

First entry:
Fortuneteller and exotic dancer living in Florence. Although not the brightest, she has enraptured many men with her beauty, style and charm.

Second entry:
Beautiful fortuneteller from Florence. Trained as a dancer and seer from childhood, she entices men with her beautiful figure and unique style of speech.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Lucia is a woman of divine beauty who lives in Florence, Italy, with her mistress Carla. From an early age, Lucia grew up schooled in the art of hard dance and fortune telling, taught to her by Carla, who was once called a legendary dancer.

Now an expert fortune-teller, Lucia is as popular for her exotic beauty as she is for her abilities. Following the events after Manmariana Island, Carla decides to sends Lucia along with Yuri's party to help train her abilities.

Tarot Cards/Aromatherapy[edit | edit source]

Lucia is the only character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that has two different special abilities.

Aromatherapy[edit | edit source]

By mixing various aroma oils found around the world, Lucia can restore HP, MP, SP and, boost boost physical and magical attacks also. Lucia's oils can also be used to grant a 3rd key effect to the party's attacks. Additionally, the aromatherapy can prevent ring, and status abnormalities. The only downfall of the aromatherapy is the fact that it does not work on Lucia herself.

As Aromatherapy works like an "aura", the effect is immediately cancelled if Lucia gets KO'd before the effect expires by itself.

Main article: Lucia/Aromatherapy
Name MP Cost Description Image
Aromatherapy - Combine Oils for beneficial effect Luciaoils.png

Tarot Cards[edit | edit source]

Lucia draws a random tarot card from the ones in her possession (she begins with just five, the remainder are found through exploration, or enemy drops) resulting in either a positive, party-boosting effect, or a negative "Reverse" effect (potentially even KO'ing the party).

This is further augmented by the "Special" effect, which quadruples the effect of the drawn card. However this also applies to Reverse cards.

In several Special Reverses, the party can be instantly killed, without exception, and not even Leonardo's Bear/Crucifixes can protect them. As such, it's recommended to only use Tarot Cards when you've just saved, or don't mind losing a little progress.

Main article: Lucia/Tarot Cards
Tarot Cards
Name MP Cost Description Image
Tarot Cards - Select a random card to good or ill effect.± Luciacards.jpg

± When equppied wth the Seven Stars accessory, all drawn Tarot Card effects will be "Special".

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is short-sighted, flighty, and tends to speak without thinking. Lucia was once good friends with Veronica Vera, and the two get a chance to reminisce over old memories during an extra scene included in the Director's Cut of Covenant.

Lucia has a unique style of speech which she uses to entice men who come to her and Carla's shop to have their fortunes read.

Since she is a bit flighty, Lucia is often perceieved as someone who does not care about such things. An example of this being when Yuri is seasick. Lucia asks if Yuri will die in a sing-song voice.

Lucia is later preposed to by Mr. Lawrence and he gives her a new costume, the Bride's Dress.

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Lucia is more magically inclined, but her main talent is her supporting abilites.

She wields a fan in battle, and mixes dancing with her physical attack, twirling into an foe's face and slicing him with her fan.

She can have up to three Hit Areas on the Judgement Ring.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Here it goes...Hah!" (magic attack)

"Just for you!" (cure)

"This will help..." (status increase)

"What?! All gone?" (Victory)

"All done!" (Victory)

"Next time, don't even bother." (Victory)

"Ew, now I'm all sweaty!" (Victory)

"I think that's just the coolest. Floating around like that."

"Tee he, they sure caught us!" (After getting captured by Veronica)

"I'm more than enough to defeat you!" (Lucia to Veronica in the Directors Cut)

(Yuri) "Yeah, she was stuffing her face with rice cakes the whole time in Japan." (Lucia) "Tee he, Actually, I think I gained about ten pounds!" (Carla) "What?! Wait just a minute girl! A dancer can't afford to gain that much weight!"

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