As Yuri defeats more monsters and absorbs their souls, their Malice accumulates inside him and, once the level is high enough, allows Fox Face and the Four Masks to manifest in the real world.

This is represented by ingame by Yuri's Talisman changing colour depending on the level.


In ascending order; Blue, Green, Yellow and, finally, Red.

While in the red, Fox Face will randomly appear in battles and fight Yuri. Though he can be beaten, he will continue to appear until the malice has been cleared out in the Graveyard.

Due to the events of the story, Fox Face is replaced in the Europe section of the game with the Four Masks, and after Alice takes on the burden on Yuri's curse, Malice will only accumate when Alice is in the active party.

Malice can be cleared at any level, regardless, and specific enemies summoned by the Four Masks will only appear at certain colours; Evil 1 at blue, Evil 2 at green, Evil 3 at yellow, and Evil 4 at red. In the Europe section of the game, these are replaced by the similarly named, Gust Eins, Gust Zwei, Gust Drei and finally, Gust Vier.

In addition, the game keeps track of a hidden point score which determines which item is dropped after fighting an Evil or Gust monster. Every regular enemy in the game is allocated a value which contributes to this score. The range of the score is between 1 - 100.

There doesn't appear to be any solid way of determining a given enemy's value, however; some give more points than others.

Items[edit | edit source]

Malice Value Item Dropped
01-03 Thera Leaf
04 Seal of Wisdom
05-06 Mana Leaf
07 Key to Success
08-09 Pure Leaf
10-14 Thera Leaf
15-19 Mana Leaf
20-24 Pure Leaf
25 Seal of Vitality
26-29 Thera Leaf
30-34 Mana Leaf
35 Silver Hand
36-39 Pure Leaf
40-41 Thera Leaf
42 Kirin Scale
43-44 Mana Leaf
45-49 Pure Leaf
50 Seal of the Soul
51-52 Thera Leaf
53-55 Mana Leaf
56 Seal of Force
57-59 Pure Leaf
60 Seal of Speed
61-62 Thera Leaf
63 Seal of Strength
64-65 Mana Leaf
66-69 Pure Leaf
70 Seal of Life
71-73 Thera Leaf
74-76 Mana Leaf
77 Seventh Key
78-79 Pure Leaf
80-83 Thera Leaf
84 Seal of Aura
85-87 Mana Leaf
88-90 Pure Leaf
91 Monkey Paw
92-93 Thera Leaf
94-97 Mana Leaf
98 Seal of Luck
99 Dice of Caesar
100 Nothing

Note†: These items can only be gained once, and are replaced by either Thera, Mana or Pure Leaves if the player is able to gain the same level.

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