After Yuri and his friends arrived in Florence, they sought the assistance of an old fortuneteller named Carla for information on Sapientes Gladio. She eagerly shrugged off the offer, but asked them for one favor. She needed the Adriatic Magnolia flower, which she said grows on Manmariana Island in the Adriatic Sea. Lucia served as a guide the whole time, but instead attempts to trap and eliminate Yuri and his friends thoughout the search.

Manmariana Island is an incredibly complex map full of puzzles. One of the doors in the atrium is locked, forcing Yuri to find the key for it. There are two major puzzles. One is the blood type gate. To get the treasure beyond the door, one with type AB blood must open it. Fortunately there is plenty of room to experiment with the characters' blood types before making a decision. The second, by greater, puzzle is the zodiac gates. The player must find twelve tiles for each sign of the Zodiac. After that, they must be placed in the correct order according to the poem written on the panel.

One of the doors opens into a second large room leading into a garden, where Lucia releases Andre on Yuri and his companions. Unfortunately the death trap backfired and Yuri must save Lucia from Andre. It turns out that Sapientes Gladio sent mercenaries as customers to kill off Carla and Lucia. So each time she brings them to Manmariana Island and feeds them to Andre. After realizing that Yuri and the others are not members of Sapientes Gladio, she cooperates and gives them the location of their Italian branch headquarters.

Manmariana Island is one of the places where the Ring Soul can be encountered, giving Yuri and Karin another Attack Boost.



  • Zodiac Tiles
    • Aries Tile
    • Taurus Tile
    • Gemini Tile
    • Leo Tile
    • Virgo Tile
    • Libra Tile
    • Scorpio Tile
    • Sagittarius Tile
    • Capricorn Tile
    • Aquarius Tile
    • Pisces Tile
    • Cancer Tile
  • Hit Area Expand
  • Attack Boost
  • Pure Seed
  • Seal of the Soul
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Star Key
  • Petrify ring item
  • Fifth Key
  • Feather Bracelet
  • Thera Seed
  • Mana Seed


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