Sh1armourmalelogo Mantle of Shivering
Mantle of shivering
Shadow Hearts
"A mantle stained by the blood of young virgins."

Mantle of Shivering (戦慄のマント) is an armor exclusive to Shadow Hearts, as a unique armour for Keith.

It is Keith's ultimate armor, and can be found in a chest in the first visit to the Cave Temple.

A hunting mantle worn by the Darkness Clan. The tears and blood of the young virgins that were their prey have made a complex pattern in the lining. Cuts Earth/Wind damage in half.

+87 +73 +14% +12%

Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 25900

Obtained: Treasure chest in the Cave Temple.

Special Effect: Halves Earth and Wind damage taken.

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