No.8 - Margarete's Confession[edit | edit source]

This sidequest can be obtained once the Float has risen, you have talked to Koudelka back at the London Rats Hideout, and have obtained the Water Gravestone . Making sure Margarete is in your battle party, return to Rouen and enter the church. The other character in your team will pray while Margarete asks Yuri to meet her outside the Confessional Boxes. She will then tell Yuri to go in the priest's confessional box. As he enters, Margarete will go in the other box and then confesses her previous plans from when they were traveling. Evidently, she hoped to use the characters as weapons for her nation (later revealed to be France) during the war. After her confession she gives Yuri a Pearl Ring which halves damage dealt to the user by water attacks. After the event, return to the main part of the church and he will storm out, probably embarrassed by the compassion Margarete showed him.

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