Element earth Master Xiaofang
Master Xiaofang
Game Sh1gamelogo
Kana 小方師*
Romaji Shou Hōshi*
Age N/A
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Home Xiyuan Temple
Element Earth Element earth

Xiaofang was a minor character in Shadow Hearts.


A cat transformed into human with Xifa's Taoist magic. He is learning language and customs under Xifa. His street-wise personality hints at his stray-cat past.


During his brief appearance, it becomes apparent that he is no normal human child, saying things such as "Meowster" and the like. Zhuzhen even mentions turning him back into a cat, just before the trials to get to Master Xifa. How he is affiliated with the two masters of Tao magic is never established, but it can inferred that perhaps Xifa turned him into a human for whatever reason.


Talk Portrait

Xiaofang runs the Master Shoho Allowance Shop on the side at the beginning, middle, and end points of the trials. As well, if the player can find him in the third trial, he becomes Lottery Member No. 11. Unlike other lottery members, he disappears after one spin.

Unfortunately, the player never gets the chance to learn how he came to be human or why, because Dehuai takes control of his body in order to abduct Alice, which in turn kills him.

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