Element water Master Xifa
Master Xifa
Game Sh1gamelogo
Kana 西法師*
Romaji Sai Hōshi*
Age Unknown (Old)
Eye color Black
Hair color Bald
Home Xiyuan Temple
Element Water Element water

Xifa lives and protects the underground temple of Wuhan, considered one of the most holiest places of the Taoist practice. Having been cut off from the world for so long thanks to a protective, magical barrier, the temple has fallen into ruins.


The grand master of Taoist Arts said to travel on clouds and walk the depth of the ocean. He has gone into hiding in an underground temple, but the story has not been confirmed.


Maste Xifa seems to have had a role in Dehaui's last Valorization 15 years ago, aiding Ben Hyuga and protecting the White Tiger Votive Picture from Dehaui. He trained both Zhuzhen and Dehuai when they were younger. Sometime during the events of the Valorization Ben Hyuga gave Master Xifa the White Tiger Votive Picture to protect from Dehaui.


Talk Portrait

After the trials Master Xifa explains why people would attempt such dangerous rituals and for what cause. He then tells Xiaofang to fetch him the Votive Picture, but right on time Dehaui breaks the seal over the Temple Ruins and gains access inside, using poor Xiaofang as a sort of vessel to channel through. Manifesting fully, he is able to kidnap Alice as well as steal the votive. Without the barrier, the temple begins to fall. Master Xifa awakens first, and uses the last of his strength to transport the fallen party back to the Pavillion, but not before telling Yuri that if he accepts the darkness rather than fears it, it will protect him in return.

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