One-time Location in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Hidden inside Yuri's soul, it is where the power of Amon lies dormant after Yuri is inflicted with the curse of the Holy Mistletoe.

He visits the location with Karin to retrive Amon's power to defeat Rasputin. There he also finds the soul of Albert Simon, who is inhabiting a memory Yuri had nearly forgotten.

He and Karin later discover the place was a reflection based on the castle where Albert originally made his Soul Pact with Amon, Tiffauges Castle.

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Mirror Palace
Name Notes
Ogoroja -
Tweedledee -
Tweedledum -
Yuri (Mirror Image) Fought only when passing through a mirror.
Karin (Mirror Image) Fought only when passing through a mirror.
Name Notes
Amon -

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