The Mutant Apes

The Mutant Apes is the collective name for both the secret project by Kato and Dr Hojo to create enhanced super soldiers, and the resultant soldiers; Hien, Raiden, and Ouka.

Funded by at great cost by Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura, the project was instigated by Kato when he rose in rank, some time after the death of Lieutenant Colonel Yoshiko Kawashima.

Following the near destruction of Shanghai by the Seraphic Radiance, Hien and Raiden, caught in the disaster, were either severely injured, or outright killed (the game is ambiguous on this matter).

They were retrived and their bodies augmented with machine parts - as well as possibly simian body parts.

Later, having procured the Émigré Manuscript, Kato used one of the rituals to "grow" Ouka - a clone of the late Yoshiko Kawashima - and artifically speed up her development. She had the least augmentations, and was herself a living weapon.

They were given titles reflecting their augments;

  • Ouka with her visor - See-No-Evil.
  • Hien with his lower-face covering - Speak-No-Evil.
  • Raiden with his earprotectors - Hear-No-Evil.

Whiles possessing their own strengths, all three were hardier than normal humans, and also shared an absolute loyalty to Kato.

The Foreign Minister regarded them as non-human, and reminded Kato to not get involved with them on a personal level.

The project and group ended following the deaths of Dr Hojo, Kato, and the Mutant Apes.

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