Located in the State of New York, and a major seaport in America. Well known for it's landmark, the Statue of Liberty. It is divided in a number of areas which can be accessed during the game.

This is where the Shadow Hearts: From The New World starts.

Brooklyn Edit

An area not unlocked until the Final Battle is about to be fought, where Shania and Johnny Garland have a heart to heart. This area is also where Lady and Killer first begin to know one another, after Lady rescues Killer from the police.

Chelsea Edit

Chelsea is home to the Erick Theater, and is the introduction to the battle system. "Phantom of the Opera" can be seen on the display board, but the building is so rickety and run down that shows and operas no longer are featured there. Shania is introduced here as well, followed by Natan when taken back to Upper West Side.

Enemies: Chinpira, Gurotsuki

Boss: Deep One

Harlem Edit

An area that opens upon finishing part 1 and part 2 of Johnny's sidequest. It shows off the more residential side of New York, and is home to Lottery Member #3. This area also features part 3 of Johnny's sidequest, which upon winning will relent the Panoramic Lens.

Times Square Edit

Times Square is an area that is beneficial to the player at this beginning of the game. Johnny will meet Gerard Magimel, the shop keeper from Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and his partner Buigen, who will alter your stellar charts for you. You'll also receive the Point Card, which allows for discounts or higher sell rate in Gerard's shop. At the crosswalk in the right hand side is also a shop called Gepetto and Cornelia, two characters also from Covenant.

Upper West Side Edit

Home of Johnny and of his business, the Garland Detective Agency. The Ring Soul spirit, Aya can also be found here. Johnny is first introduced in the game here, along with his butler, Lenny Curtis.


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