Element wind Nina
Nina 2
Game Sh1gamelogo
Kana ニーナ
Romaji Nīna
Age Unknown (Young)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Home Bistritz
Element Wind Element wind


Terry and Michelle's daughter. An honest young girl who tries to accept her father's death and protect her mother. She punches out men who attempt to date her mother.


Daughter of Michelle and Terry. She keeps a close grip on the gifts her father's friend gave him. A month ago Nina saw something flying to the Blue Castle (Yuri still fused with the Seraphic Radiance). She ran after it only to be attacked by wolves, it was then Keith rushed out of his castle to save her.


Talk Portrait

After that he took her back to the village holding hands and singing all the way home. A while later once she plants the Wheat Seeds have Yuri continue to water them and after quite a bit soon Nina will present the Earth Gravestone. Once that is done some time later she will tell you she saw something gold flying into the castle which the player soon finds out later is Keith's older brother, Joachim.

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