A Ninja training ground located in the deepest darkest heart of the Amazon rainforest, of all places. The training ground is further disgused as a ninja-themed amusement park.

Frank's SidequestEdit

You get to meet Frank's master who tells him to complete a series of trials to become a "master" (to get the best rank). His sidequest includes doing a flying squirrel jump (momonga arts) which, depends on you, can fly farther or shorter.

Before heading to the end you need to obtain the secret ninja writings which is secretly hidden on one of the many islands.

By reaching the northern and last island, Frank faces his master, which turns on him. His master uses a giant Kebab as a weapon. If you are victorious, you obtain the weapon which The Jonin uses: the Spicy Skewer.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Ninja Sh3snapcardicon Snap Available
Name Notes
The Jonin Frank fights solo



Just Us Guys
Item Price Item Price
Sh3itemicon Thera Leaf 50 Maobottles Heaven's Drop 5010
Sh3itemicon Thera Seed 120 Hildawands Kind Star 1350
Sh3itemicon Thera Root 300 Hildawands Brave Moon 2030
Sh3itemicon Thera Extract 5000 Hildawands Sunshine of Love 3040
Sh3itemicon Mana Leaf 150 Hildawands Trust Heart 4560
Sh3itemicon Mana Seed 300 Ricardoguitars Refinado 1990
Sh3itemicon Mana Root 500 Ricardoguitars Salsa Rosa 3540
Sh3itemicon Mana Extract 10000 Ricardoguitars Dominator 5320
Sh3itemicon Pure Leaf 230 Sh3armouriconMaleonly Cotton Shirt 560
Sh3itemicon Pure Seed 510 Sh3armouriconFemaleonly Cotton Blouse 600
Sh3itemicon Pure Root 1000 Sh3armouricon Wool Coat 9000
Sh3itemicon Pure Extract 20000 Sh3armouricon Chainmail Vest 135
Sh3itemicon Soul Benediction 150 Sh3armouricon Silk Shawl 1260
Sh3itemicon Phoenix Tail 90 Sh3armouricon Desert Cloak 1890
Sh3itemicon Daphne Fruit 1050 Sh3armouricon Long Robes 2030
Sh3itemicon Talisman of Luck 480 Sh3armouriconMaleonly Andes Poncho 3040
Sh3itemicon Talisman of Mercy 820 Sh3armouriconFemaleonly Dancing Samba 2840
Sh3accessoriesicon Studded Cap 600 Sh3armouricon Godwood Plate 4250
Sh3itemicon Tent 200 Sh3armouricon Old-style Coat 4560
Johnnyknives Clip Point 580 Sh3accessoriesicon Leather Cap 320
Johnnyknives Wish Knife 870 Sh3accessoriesicon Face Guard 980
Johnnyknives Gurkha Khukuri 1300 Sh3accessoriesiconMaleonly Headgear 1380
Johnnyknives Assault Knife 1960 Sh3accessoriesiconFemaleonly Force Brow 1470
Johnnyknives Cleria Dagger 2940 Sh3accessoriesicon Full Face 2080
Johnnyknives Oiloon Knife 4400 Sh3accessoriesicon Leather Belt 320
Shaniaaxes Little Claw 620 Sh3accessoriesicon Studded Belt 600
Shaniaaxes Crazy Horse 930 Sh3accessoriesicon Western Belt 980
Shaniaaxes Sitting Bull 1400 Sh3accessoriesicon Stone Belt 1380
Shaniaaxes Whirlwind 2090 Sh3accessoriesiconMaleonly Loin Guard 1990
Shaniaaxes Red Cloud 3140 Sh3accessoriesiconFemaleonly Belly Warmer 2080
Shaniaaxes Black Hawk 4710 Sh3accessoriesicon Shell Bracelet 2770
Natanguns Peacemaker 640 Sh3accessoriesicon Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Natanguns Schofield II 960 Sh3accessoriesicon Feather Bracelet 3050
Natanguns Alligator 45 1440 Sh3accessoriesicon Bell Bracelet 3120
Natanguns Tyrant M29 2160 Sh3accessoriesicon Silver Bracelet 3180
Natanguns Mauser Custom 3240 Sh3accessoriesicon Mirror Bracelet 3240
Natanguns Diabolus 4860 Sh3accessoriesicon Vine Bracelet 2810
Frankninjasword Tree Feller 680 Sh3accessoriesicon Zodiac Bracelet 10300
Frankninjasword Cactus Saber 1020 Sh3accessoriesicon Cosmic Bracelet 11500
Frankninjasword Bus Stop Saber 1530 Sh3accessoriesicon Pocket Watch 5200
Frankninjasword Marlin Saber 2300 Sh3accessoriesicon Will Power 6000
Frankninjasword Fireworks Saber 3440 Sh3accessoriesicon Leonardo's Bear 3330
Frankninjasword Kokeshi Saber 5160 Sh3accessoriesicon Replacement Man 5200
Maobottles Autumn Showers 990 Sh3accessoriesicon Spikes 2910
Maobottles Cactus Drop 2230 Sh3accessoriesicon Coral Lariat 500
Maobottles Corrida Chorar 3340 Sh3accessoriesicon Coral Pendant 5500

Treasure ChestsEdit


Enemy DropsEdit


Igguassu Falls ChestsEdit

Peerless PrizesEdit

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