Nothingness is an Element of the Shadow Hearts universe. It is associated with the color grey. It is a unique in that it has no corresponding or opposing element. Because of this, it is paradoxically both the strongest, and weakest element, as characters or foes with this alignment will take less damage from any elemental attack, but be unable to gain any attack bonus from attacking a foe with one of the primary elements. Its shape is of a cross with a 4 pointed star in the middle.

It is most commonly used for high ranking foes, such as bosses.

Characters with this elemental attributeEdit

  • Gepetto - from Shadow Hearts: Covenant, when the "Poor Saint", "Black Queen", "Beastmaster", "Blue Virgin" or "Beautiful Fool" (Director's Cut only) dresses are equipped.
  • Johnny Garland - from Shadow Hearts: From the New World.
  • Lady - the main villain from Shadow Hearts: From the New World.
  • Roger Bacon - Professor who has appears in all the Shadow Hearts games (His element was Earth, but was strangly changed to Non-Elemental in the second and third.)

Fusions associated with this elementEdit

Shadow Hearts

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Spells associated with this elementEdit

Shadow Hearts CovenantEdit

Melt Crest: The most powerful spell for any character to cast. Though expensive on the usage of magic, its power is great. It is the only spell that has an attack and uses non-elemental magic.

Damage-dealing spellsEdit

Phone Call - When Johnny uses his phone to call Lenny from anywhere around the world. An 84MP attack, Lenny delivers a Hard-hit attack to an enemy(ies) using the power of the Godhand.


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