A character in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

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The medicine man of the Gada tribe. Despite his age, he's still full of curiosity-- or just full of beans. He's secretly trying to develop new medicine using UMAs.


He is a member of Natan's tribe who is met in the Grand Canyon. He is the healer of the tribe. He lives in the right-hand tepee in the tribal village. He presents Natan with his UMA sidequest. When spoken to upon arrival in the Grand Canyon he will give Natan the Gada Pot and the following baits.

Once any UMAs are caught they should be taken back to Nvwoti. Then Nvwoti will present Natan with a new Gun-Fu technique. (This can only be done if Natan is currently in the player's party).

Also Nvwoti must have high tribal status as Natan first greets him as "Lord Nvwoti".

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