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Ogden Hartman Ogden Hartman
Ogden Hartman
Game Koudelka
Kana ベッシー・ハートマン
Romaji Oguden Hātoman
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif N/A*
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Gavin Carlton
Age Unknown
Eye color Blue
Hair color Grey
Home Nemeton Monastery
Element Non-Elemental Noneelement.gif

Caretaker of the Nemeton Monastery, along with his beloved wife, Bessy.

This kindly couple are not all that they seem though...



Previously captain of the Thames pleasure boat, the Princess Alice, until a collision with a coal steamer set the boat ablaze, and sank the overloaded vessel, drowning most of the passengers and crew.

Having managed to escape, the finger of blame was laid squarely at Ogden. Unable to cope with the stress, guilt, and suffering he caused, he turned to drink. As an outlet, he began to obsessively paint pictures of the boat.

At some unspecified point, he and his wife Bessy, went into service under Patrick and Elaine Heyworth, the latter of whom he felt a deep fondness for, as she believed him undeserving of the sole blame for the mass drowning, and appreciated his paintings.

One day, while Patrick and Ogden were out, thieves raided the home, and murdered Elaine. Feeling more guilt, and devastated by her loss, Ogden, and his wife, agreed to help with Patrick's attempt to resurrect her, by means of a ritual found in an ancient druidic text.

Moving to the newly refurbished Nemeton Monastery, in Wales, the trio began preparations for the ritual, with Ogden ordering supplies of livestock, to be used as a sacrifice. When the animal sacrifices proved to be ineffective, and Patrick realised he would need to turn to more drastic measures of human sacrifice, Ogden gave what aid he could, and assisted him in their abduction and murder.

Ogden's paintings.

When even this was not progressing fast enough, Ogden suggested the buying of slaves. Somewhat appalled, but desperate, Patrick agreed, with Ogden setting up a meeting with a slave master.

This was the final push needed, and Patrick finally managed to bring Elaine's body back to life, unfortunately, it was a hollow monsterous shell.

After Patrick's death, the Hartman's continued to live in the monastary, as caretakers. Only mildly concerned with the monsters and ghosts that appeared, following the completion of the ritual. They focussed more instead, on dispatching the numerous thieves and travellers that came to the monastary.

Presenting an image of a friendly, warm couple, they would often poison their victims, or attempt to gun them down, when they felt they were vulnerable. At least one thief managed to evade them.


We they first met, Koudelka Iasant, and Edward Plunkett, the couple acted friendly, and aimiable to buy their trust, even giving Edward some spare ammo-stock, while feeding them poisoned soup. Dubious, Koudelka politely refused the offer of food.

Later they met Father James O' Flaherty, who had also come to the monastary. They didn't know of his previous relationship with Partick and Elaine, but neither did they attempt to poison his food. Instead attempting to shoot him later.

Ogden managed to find Koudelka, who had become isolated from James and Edward, and knocked her unconscious. Strapping her to a table, and rambling quite, quite insanely, he prepared to kill her with his axe, until Bessy, tired of so much innocent death, shot him.

She freed Koudelka, before calmly turning the gun on herself, wishing to be with her beloved Ogden.