Sh3fetishicon Orca Statue
Orca statue
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
"A blue Orca statue made of turquoise."

Fetish for Shania that grants new abilities to La Sirene when charged with Soul Energy.


A blue Orca statue made of turquoise. Its huge sharp dorsal fin shows the warrior's courage. Adding Soul Energy wakes the sleeping power of the sea spirits.


Given automatically after defeating La Sirene.

Soul ChargeEdit

Soul Charge
Level Soul Energy Effect
LV. 1 - -
LV. 2 30 Learns Hail Dust, and Bright Rage.
LV. 3 90 Learns Arc Shield, Arc Barrier, and Ebony Cluster.
LV. 4 150 Learns Hail Solid, and Bright Oracle.
LV. 5 210 Learns Resurrection, and Current Breath.

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