Equipping this to a character's Physical Attack Ring induces the odds of inflicting Paralysis.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant[edit | edit source]





Embodies the menace of the Adonis weed, which glares at any human who dares to pick or eat it.

Number of Levels: four

Paralysis 1 Location- Dropped by Lenny when you face him at Wales.

Paralysis 2 Location- Found in a chest at the Idar Flamme.

Paralysis 3 Location- Found in the Queen's Garden at the left hallway hiding at the left wall.

Paralysis 4 Location- Dropped by Gaap after defeating him in the Black Forest.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World[edit | edit source]




This Ring Item embodies the severity of nature in the plant Marlone. Its poison petals cause paralysis.

Number of Levels: three

Paralysis 1 Location- Behind the interragation barrel, in a chest at the Caribbean Pirate Fort.

Paralysis 2 Location- Dropped by Rogotomhere when doing the UMA hunt in the Aito Cave.

Paralysis 3 Location- Dropped by the Mudopkan in the Guiana Highlands.

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