On the 8th arrondissement, right bank is a seventeenth century garden-promenade-turned-avenue connecting the Concorde and Arc de Triomphe. It is one of the many tourist attractions and a major shopping street of Paris.

Yuri and the party first meet the friends of Gepetto, Pierre & Gerard Magimel in this area.



La Cage Aux Songes
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo Thera Leaf 50 Blancabones Tusk Brush 580
Sh2itemlogo Mana Leaf 100 Blancabones Glass Paper 870
Sh2itemlogo Pure Leaf 230 Karinswords Officer's Saber 620
Sh2itemlogo Soul Benediction 150 Karinswords Fleuret 930
Sh2itemlogo Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2armourlogoMaleonly Cotton Shirt 560
Sh2itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2armourlogoFemaleonly Cotton Blouse 600
Sh2itemlogo Tent 200 Sh2armourlogo Cloak of Rags 540
Yuriglovesh2 Rusty Fang 640 Sh2accessorieslogo Leather Cap 320
Yuriglovesh2 Stinger 960 Sh2accessorieslogo Leather Belt 320
Gepettostrings Puppet Thread 680 Sh2accessorieslogo Shell Bracelet 2770
Gepettostrings Silk Twine 1020

Treasure ChestsEdit


NPC InteractionEdit

  • Sh2keyitemlogo Point Card - Automatically given by Gerard Magimel.

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