On the 18th arrondissement, right bank is a historic area on the Butte, home to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

Montmartre has always had a history with artists and has many studios and cafés of many great artists in that area, including Gepetto's favorite bar, the Paulette.

Yuri and Blanca first meet Ernest & Tetsu in this area, activating the Wolf Bout side quest.

Once the battle is complete he gives Blanca a Stamp Card and the party leaves for Champs-Elysees.

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Wolf Bout
Name Notes
Tetsu First Wolf Bout. Automatically encountered.
Wolfman Final Wolf Bout. Accessable only after winning the previous 14 bouts.


Treasure ChestsEdit

NPC InteractionEdit

  • Sh2itemlogo Thera Extract - Given by Ernest after completing 3 Wolf Bouts.
  • Magiccrestlogo Zagan Crest - Given by Ernest after completing 6 Wolf Bouts.
  • Luciataroticon The Emperor - Given by Ernest after completing 9 Wolf Bouts.
  • Sh2itemlogo Seventh Key - Given by Tetsu after completing 12 Wolf Bouts.

Enemy DropsEdit

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