Patrick's Quarters

Where Patrick lived, while he conducted his research to bring back his beloved wife, Elaine, from the grave.

The Music Room[edit | edit source]

Music Room

A small room with a "Disk" for the gramophone, and where Patrick's Research Notes are found.

Research Library[edit | edit source]


Hidden Section of the Library

Housing Patrick's personal libraby, hidden behind one of the shelves lies a hidden section, piled with books detailing the occult.

Roger Bacon later makes his way here to try to find a solution to undo Patrick's ritual.

Laboratory[edit | edit source]


Patrick's private laboratory, where he conducted experiments related to the attempt to resurrect his wife.

Portait Room[edit | edit source]

The "Portrait Room"

The Scapegoat boss is fought here.

The spirit of Elaine Heyworth also manifests here, to meet the party and explain the dark history behind her husband's attempt to resurrect her.

Items[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Black Cat -
Sucker Type C
Explode Corpse Type C
Face Type C
Giant Roach Type C
Hand of Glory Type C
Headless Corpse Type C
Inverse Type C
Jester Type C
Sham Type C
Nobleman's Spirit Type C
Possessed Armor Type C
Possessed Chair Type C
Possessed Shelf Type C
Possessed Table Type B
Puppet Type B
Shadow Type B
Watcher Type C

Name Notes
Scapegoat -

Screen Gallery[edit | edit source]

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