The Pit Fights are monster bouts where a single character will battle previously fought monsters to win items, accessories, or cash prizes.

The character must complete 10 consecutive rounds to win a prize.

NOTE: Monsters fought in Pit Fights do not add to the Malice Meter, or drop items, but do give EXP.

They are split into the two sections of the game; Asia and Europe.

Asia Pit FightsEdit


The arena - with designs of the Four Symbols

In Asia, they can be found in Shanghai, run by Zhongyun Zhen, first accessable just before the party is about to travel to the Temple Ruins.

The last possible point to be able to do Zhen's fights is just before encountering Dehuai in Kuihai Tower, as once the Asia section has been completed the player is unable to return.

The fee is 300 cash for the initial bout, although if the player forfits between rounds, they will have to pay the fee again.

Alice is only able to do these fights in the brief window before visting the Temple Ruins, due to the events of the story.

Zhen's Pit FightsEdit

Note: Pit Fight enemy order is randomised.

Pit Fight
Name Notes
Wind Shear -
Hellcat -
Yamaraja: Earth -
Frog God -
Kappa -
Water Tiger -
Beast Dog -
Yamaraja: Wind -
Ogre Flame -
White Wolfling -
Li Li (Transformed) -
Custom Wind Shear -
Prototype Wind Shear -


Europe Pit FightsEdit


The arena - with alchemical designs of the Hyle Triangle.

In Europe they can be found in London, in the London Rat's Hideout run by Sharon.

After the events of Calios Mental Hospital, she will only summon a single random monster. Only after the Neameto Float has risen are her fights fully unlocked.

Sharon's Pit FightsEdit

Note: Pit Fight enemy order is randomised.

Pit Fight
Name Notes
Speckled Creeper -
Happy Creeper -
Dark Judge -
Garm -
Tindalos -
Camazotz -
Night Stalker -
Mammon -
Meat Eater -
Doom -
Buggs -
Rausan -
Full Armor Wind Sheer -
Perfect Wind Sheer -


If the player completes the Pit Fights with all party members, they will gain an additional prize;

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