Equipping this to a character's Ring makes all Physical Attacks have some odds of inflicting Poison.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit





Embodies the malice of the viper, whose victims die from its poison hours after being bitten.

Number of Levels: four

Poison 1 Location- Dropped by Arachne in Ardennes Forest.

Poison 2 Location- Dropped when you defeat Oscar at St. Marguerite Island.

An additional one can be found in the Director's Cut only, Nahash Temple, however it is limited to that dungeon only.

Poison 3 Location- Dropped by Yama Garan once you defeat him in Purgatory.

Poison 4 Location- Found in the Red Phoenix room at the Dog Shrine.

Shadow Hearts: From The New WorldEdit




This Ring Item embodies the viciousness of the Snake God Molda, who kills any living thing that draws near.

Number of Levels: three

Poison 1 Location- Found in Zonda's tent in the Grand Canyon.

Poison 2 Location- Found in the chest in on the third floor in Vilcabamba.

Poison 3 Location- Found Beyond The Gate in the area the Gilbert was blocking off. There should be a split in the path take the left and it should be in a chest.

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