Port of Southampton (also known as Southampton) is an area visited in Shadow Hearts: Covenant after riding a boat from Le Havre. Kato is here as well. Sefo, a rescued barfly meets them and instructs them to go to the Rhondda Mine.

After Gepetto and Karin get drunk for a while, Yuri and Kato talk in Kato's room about Sapientes Gladio, a group of terrorists. After Yuri finds Gepetto and Karin asleep, he visits the Graveyard and talks to Jeanne about Yuri's happiness and how he hasn't been happy since Alice's death.

The next morning in the sun, Lottery Member #15 can be played to get the Slow 1. Gerard and Buigen appear next to her as well. Up in a tower, a man marks the beginning of the Item Trading side-quest by giving you a piece of Dried Straw.

A Leonardo's Bear is found here, which should be equipped for the battle with Joachim's teacher, the Great Gama, who is met here for the first time and they battle. Yuri also finds out about Joachim's strange habit of finding weapons when he picks up a locker to use as a weapon. They then leave.

Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Great Gama -

Items[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

La Cage Aux Songes
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Leaf 50 Sh2armourlogo.pngMale Only Cotton Shirt 560
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Leaf 100 Sh2armourlogo.pngFemale Only Cotton Blouse 600
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Leaf 230 Sh2armourlogo.png Cloak of Rags 540
Sh2itemlogo.png Soul Benediction 150 Sh2armourlogo.png Leather Cloak 840
Sh2itemlogo.png Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2armourlogo.png Wool Coat 900
Sh2itemlogo.png Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Leather Cap 320
Sh2itemlogo.png Tent 200 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Studded Cap 600
Yuriglovesh2.png Stinger 960 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Leather Belt 320
Yuriglovesh2.png Bearclaw 1440 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Shell Bracelet 2770
Gepettostrings.png Silk Twine 1020 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Gepettostrings.png Kite String 1530 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Pocket Watch 5200
Blancabones.png Glass Paper 870 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Leonardo's Bear 3330
Blancabones.png Whetstone 1300 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Coral Lariat 5050
Karinswords.png Fleuret 930 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Coral Pendant 5500
Karinswords.png Fine Rapier 1400

Items[edit | edit source]

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Ground[edit | edit source]

  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Strike Expand - Examine the statue beside the town entrance.
  • Sh2ringitemlogo.png Lottery Ticket - Examine the posters at the northeast end of town.
  • Joachimbludgeons.png Locker - The southwest corner of the ring at the north end of town.

NPC Interaction[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Sh2itemlogo.png Third Key - Dropped by Great Gama (2nd Round).
  • Sh2itemlogo.png Fifth Key - Dropped by Great Gama (3rd Round).

Lottery Members[edit | edit source]

No.15: Gossipy Moleen[edit | edit source]


Ring: Normal


Gallery[edit | edit source]

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