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Streets of Prague

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic (Formally Czechoslovakia).

This is where Alice Elliot and Li Zhuzhen find themselves after stopping Dehuai's Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation. It is the first location in the Europe portion of the game.

The StorylineEdit

In PragueEdit

Six months after Yuri tried to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance , Alice and Zhuzhen find themselves in Prague awaiting Margarete's arrival. The pair have been running an exorcism business. Upon returning from a job, Alice and Zhuzhen enter their local bar. Shortly after doing so, a man named Terry from the nearby village Bistritz asks the pair to come with hi to his village and exorcise the demons that have been haunting the night. Allice and Zhuzhen inform Terry that they will head for Bistritz once Margarete arrives, and Terry promptly leaves for his home.

Not long after Terry leaves a cry is heard, and Alice and Zhuzhen find themselves facing Olga for the first time. The pair are too late to save Terry, but they decide to go to Bistritz without Margarete in order to speak to Terry's family and ensure nobody else is injured

Olga RevisitedEdit

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After a long series of events, the party is back at full capacity and find themselves visiting Prague again. The group enter the bar and find a drunk Yuria heading to the bathroom. When she fails to re-appear, Alice enters the bathroom to find her as Yuri thinks she may have passed out. Olga tries to disorientate Alice by using the mirrors to confuse her as she fruitlessly searches for the drunken barmaid. Olga then battles a lone Alice. The group then head to Rouen.

A Sticky SituationEdit

At one point when the group enter the bar, the Owner asks Yuri to check the men's bathroom as Darcie has been missing for quite a while. After examining the bathroom stall, Darcie's reaction leads Yuri to believe Darcie is in danger. Yuri is prepared to knock the door down when Darcie revelas the only real problem is toilet paper and the lack of it. After Yuri offers up some tissues, Darcie gives Yuri the Air Gravestone as a thank you gift.

The DollhouseEdit

When Alice speaks to Runaway Ewan at the bar, he asks her to exorcise the demons in a haunted house he has managed to escape from. After the group successfully defeat Orb Chaos , there is a dark pool of blood in the place where Ewan was standing in the bar. It looks as though it spells out "Thank You".

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Birdman Scripted/Limited encounter.
Name Notes
Olga Encountered on revisit.



Time is Money
Item Price Item Price
Sh1armourmalelogo Chainmail Vest 5500 Sh1itemlogo Mana Root 500
Sh1armourfemalelogo Silk Bolero 5940 Sh1itemlogo Pure Leaf 230
Sh1acessorylogo Studded Cap 1700 Sh1itemlogo Pure Seed 510
Sh1acessorylogo Face Guard 3000 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480
Sh1acessorylogo Western Belt 600 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Mercy 820
Sh1acessorylogo Shell Bracelet 2770 Sh1itemlogo Mermaid's Tear 70
Sh1acessorylogo Bone Bracelet 2960 Sh1itemlogo Holy Mother Bust 75
Sh1acessorylogo Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Sh1itemlogo Angel's Feather 80
Sh1acessorylogo Bell Bracelet 3120 Sh1itemlogo Faerie's Sigh 85
Sh1acessorylogo Mirror Bracelet 3240 Sh1itemlogo Imp's Fang 95
Sh1acessorylogo Spikes 2810 Sh1itemlogo Phoenix Tail 90
Sh1acessorylogo Leonardo's Bear 3300 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Arrowhead 100
Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 5200 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Dagger 200
Sh1acessorylogo Jade Lariat 5050 Sh1itemlogo Silver Hourglass 100
Sh1itemlogo Thera Seed 120 Sh1itemlogo Gold Hourglass 200
Sh1itemlogo Thera Root 300 Sh1itemlogo Tent 480
Sh1itemlogo Mana Leaf 100

Note: Only available after the events at Nemeton Monastery.

Tight-lipped Merchant
Item Price
Sh1acessorylogo Weird Bottle 18000
Sh1itemlogo Thera Extract 5000
Sh1itemlogo Mana Extract 10000
Sh1itemlogo Pure Extract 20000
Sh1itemlogo Third Key 30000

Pedometer Step Exchange
Item No. of Steps
Sh1itemlogo Thera Extract 100
Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 300
Sh1acessorylogo Weird Bottle 800
Sh1acessorylogo Iron Clogs 1500
Sh1acessorylogo Flash Badge 2500
Sh1itemlogo Moon Swallow 3500
Sh1itemlogo Star Swallow 5000
Sh1itemlogo Monkey Paw 6500
Sh1itemlogo Silver Hand 7000
Sh1acessorylogo Belt of Power 8000
Sh1armourfemalelogoExclaimationicon Leather Suit 10000

Treasure ChestsEdit


NPC InteractionEdit

Lottery MembersEdit

Lottery No. 8, Guard HomasEdit


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