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Princess Anastasia Romanov Princess Anastasia Romanov
Princess Anastasia Romanov
Game Shadow Hearts: CovenantChaos Wars
Kana アナスタシア ロマノヴァ
Romaji Anasutashia Romanova
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag.gif Yuka Imai
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag.jpg Stephanie Sheh*
Age 14
Eye color Green
Hair color Reddish Brown
Home Petrograd, Russia
Weapon(s) Mechanical Eggs
Special Arts Snapshot, Photo-Album
Element Water Element water.gif

The fourth daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and Empress Alexandra. Anastasia is outgoing, inquisitive, and does whatever she wants (such as sneaking out from the palace in night and stealing snacks). However, Anastasia is the only one in her family who is suspicious of her father's adviser, Grigori Rasputin. When he frames Yuri and party for controlling Anastasia and forcing her to attempt murder on her little brother Alexei, she joins forces with Yuri to stop Rasputin. Anastasia is determined to save her motherland of Russia.

Anatasia wields an egg that she can guide to hit her enemies or use magic and a camera (created by her friend Edgar, the watchmaker), and can use her Snapshot ability to get information on enemies and in some cases learn the abilities of them.

Anastasia's Element is Water.

Library Entry[edit | edit source]

First entry:
"Fourth princess of the Romanov dynasty her cute appearance belies her devilish personality. She is determined to save her motherland of Russia."

Second entry:
"After Yuri and friends had saved Anastasia from a monster and the destruction of the idar flamme, Anastasia decides to join Yuri and friend on the rest of their adventure."

Personality[edit | edit source]

Outgoing and inquisitive, Anastasia is very childish, often doing things like sticking out her tongue. She is also very knowledgeable on the Russian alphabet, which was proved when traveling in the Gallery of the Dead. She enjoys kicking Joachim or one time Blanca in the leg when they think she's doing something stupid. She also has a special bond with her younger brother Alexei and enjoys shopping souvenirs and gifts for him and her father, who she addresses as "Daddy". She has a crush on Kurando and will do anything for him to make him like her or feel good. His mother, Saki, encourages her to continue to love him and gives her the Autumn Kimono as a gift.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Anastasia wears a dark blue dress which ends at her knees with long coat. Her coat is aqua blue with fluffy and long white hem, cuffs, and collar which ends at her shoulders. Her coat is buttoned by one pearl button at the top of the coat, and a long white handkerchief ruffled in several places is hung at her neck. On her feet are white high heel boots with blue ribbons tying them. Her brown hair is tied into two braid circlets ending at her temple, and on her head is a fluffy white basket hat with blue ribbons tied into two bows on the back.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Before joining the group, Anastasia had little to no fighting capabilities.

Her first piece of equipment is a camera which allows her to photograph monsters and enemies using "Snapshot" to find out their Hit Points and Element, allowing the player to plan their attacks accordingly.

In some cases, the abilities of monsters may be captured along with the photograph and is stored in an album, where Anastasia can summon replicas of these monsters from the photographs to fight against their own. She can also use Crest Magic after joining the party and proves to be a relatively apt magician.

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Anastasia employs mechanical flying eggs to fight in battle. When attacking, the egg is controlled by Anastasia's hand movements to bludgeon the enemy up to three times, and is one of two characters in Shadow Hearts: Covenant who attacks by-proxy.

Anastasia is able to equip up to three Hit Areas.

Snapshot[edit | edit source]

Name MP Cost Description Image
Snapshot 1 MP Anastasia summons her trusty camera, already on a tripod, and photographs a single enemy± revealing their stats. Acamera.jpg

±When equipped with the panoramic lens, Anastasia is able to take a picture of all of the enemies on the battlefield.

Photo Album[edit | edit source]

Photo Album
Name MP Cost Description Image Ring
Aqua Raise 36 MP Summons Victor's familiar, Pendulum. A pool of toxic water appears at the enemy's feet and splashes at then, resulting in Water damage and Poison. 1 Hit, Hard Hit. Aaquaraise.jpg Sh2 ring aqua raise.jpg
Direct Press 28 MP Summons Hati. A massive, heavy weight drops from the sky on a chain, crushing the enemy flat and removing half his Hit Points.≠ Adirectpress.jpg Sh2 ring direct press.jpg
Cash Steal 72 MP Summons Lucia's cat, Andre. Andre scratches at the enemy's 'wallet', breaking it and spilling out coins. Acashsteal.jpg Sh2 ring cash steal.jpg
Remove 88 MP Summons Veronica's dog, Oscar. Nullifies one enemy's increases Status effect. Aremove.jpg Sh2 ring remove.jpg
Falling Leaves 1 MP Summons Tengu. Allow characters to Run Away from a battle (100% chance).‡ Afallingleaves.jpg Sh2 ring falling leaves.jpg
Pillage Storm 38 MP Summons the Mini-Tanukis. A gust blows through the enemy, making them drop any item they are carrying. Pillagestorm.jpg Sh2 ring pillage storm.jpg
Power Cannon 72 MP Summons Lt. Col Terada's machine, Mecha Lord. The robot opens up a large cannon on its chest and fires a powerful ray through its enemy. Linear, 17 hit, High-angle. Apowercannon.jpg Sh2 ring power cannon.jpg
Spirit Ward 80 MP Summons King Tamakos. Drives one enemy away from the battle.≠ Aspiritward.jpg Sh2 ring spirit ward.jpg
Nightmare 56 MP Summons Bailey. Reduces one enemy's HP to 1.≠ Anightmare.jpg Sh2 ring nightmare.jpg
Euthansia 88 MP Summons Orobas. A whirlpool forms around the enemy, and a large column of water engulfs the enemy, inflicting heavy Water damage and causing multiple status effects. Large AOE, 1 hit, High-angle. Aeuthenasia.jpg Sh2 ring euthenasia.jpg

Will not work during mandatory battles and bosses.
Will not work on select enemies.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Now look this way!" (Snapshot)

"I summon you!" (Photo Album)

"Come to me!" (Photo Album alternate)

"Try this!" (Crest Magic Attack)

"This should help." (Cure/Heal)

"Here 'goes!" (Arc Crest)

"Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha!" (Victory)

"Huh? I can't quite hear it all! Victory reception...? One chance...? There's only one thing to do..." (while hiding from Rasputin and an assassin)

Appearances outside Shadow Hearts[edit | edit source]

Anastasia has also appeared in Chaos Wars as one on the many cross-over characters from the Shadow Hearts series.

Her ultimate skill is to summon Orbas to use "Euthenasia", the same as in Shadow Hearts.

She also wields her Gold Angel weapon.

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