Element dark Professor Gilbert
Professor Gilbert
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana ギルバート
Romaji Girubāto
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Yasushi Niko
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Scott Rayow*
Age Unknown
Eye color Black
Hair color Black-purple
Home Unknown
Element Dark Element dark

Library EntryEdit

This suspicious-looking professor approaches Johnny and asks him to find a suspect in an assault case. Who knows what's really going on behind that smirk?

Scary-looking type who sacrificed Marlow in an experiment. Wants the power of the Window for himself. Name and background unknown. May known Johnny's secrets.


Professor Gilbert is a dwarf like man in his early forties that follows Lady and Killer around as a third wheel trying to unfold his plans as a chain reaction with Lady opening the Gate.

Pre-Shadow Hearts From The New WorldEdit

Not much is known of Professor Gilbert's past other than he some how made contact with Lady, has been studying the power of Malice for many years, and somehow interwinded into knowing Johnny's past.


Professor Gilbert is first seen asking Johnny to help him find a man named Marlow who he says that he has a business relationship with, but is later revealed to be used as a experiment for Professor Gilbert's own reasons. As Johnny and the gang head to the Arkham University to find him, they come across monsters in the Underpath which Gilbert confesses that he created the creatures and then summons another one to make his escape. He then works at Roswell for short time but suddenly quits and goes to Chichen Itza to meet up with Lady and Killer to open the first seal of Malice. After the door of the Gate opens he then reveals his plans saying that he wants to release all of this Malice into the world giving the weak and strong new powers and being mutated into monsters that he claims are divine.


Professor Gilbert has basically no relationship with the other characters, mostly because he is hated by everyone. Our heroes are his enemies and not revealing the mysterious powers that Johnny posses. Even the villains dislike him. With Killer quoting "And now that you told me we don't need you anymore" Mostly the only way Professor Gilbert was to keep himself alive was to fool Killer into thinking that Lady can become human again and presuading Killer again why the Gate should still open.


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