Purgatory is a small one-time-visit dungeon. It is accessed automatically when entering Katsuragi.

Yuri and his friends fall into a fiery underworld summoned by Garan to trap and later destroy them.

By where Yuri enters the dungeon, there is a shop to purchase items, weapons, etc. To its left is an altar with candles. This is the puzzle part of the dungeon.

To escape, the player must go through a maze. After passing beneath one of the gates, one of the candles alights. The trick is to go through the maze and light all the candles without having to go backwards.

On the return path, the seal by the altar is broken and opens up the road to the boss fight.


Enemies Encountered[edit | edit source]

Enemies Encountered
Name Notes
Enku -
Towd -
Yomi Samurai -
Name Notes
Yama Garan Fought alongside Enku x3

Items[edit | edit source]

Shop[edit | edit source]

La Cage Aux Songes
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Leaf 50 Anastasiaeggs.png Red Peacock 7970
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Seed 120 Anastasiaeggs.png Snow Flower 11960
Sh2itemlogo.png Thera Root 300 Kurandoswords.png Awataguchi 8200
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Leaf 100 Kurandoswords.png Dojikiri 12300
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Seed 300 Sh2armourlogo.pngMale Only Dandy's Kimono 6830
Sh2itemlogo.png Mana Root 500 Sh2armourlogo.pngFemale Only Hakama Pants 6380
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Leaf 230 Sh2armourlogo.png Kendo Armour 9570
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Seed 510 Sh2armourlogo.png Ascetic's Stole 10250
Sh2itemlogo.png Pure Root 1000 Sh2accessorieslogo.pngFemale Only Circlet 3000
Sh2itemlogo.png Soul Benediction 150 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Kendo Mask 5800
Sh2itemlogo.png Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2accessorieslogo.pngMale Only Loincloth 3000
Sh2itemlogo.png Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2accessorieslogo.pngFemale Only Frilly Apron 5800
Sh2itemlogo.png Talisman of Mercy 820 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Shell Bracelet 2770
Sh2itemlogo.png Tent 200 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Yuriglovesh2.png Tigerclaw 7290 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Feather Bracelet 3050
Yuriglovesh2.png Tortoise Claw 10940 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Bell Bracelet 3120
Gepettostrings.png Silver Thread 7750 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Silver Bracelet 3180
Gepettostrings.png Halo Thread 11620 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Mirror Bracelet 3240
Blancabones.png Silver Rasp 6610 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Pocket Watch 5200
Blancabones.png Adamantine Rasp 9910 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Will Power 6000
Karinswords.png Dragonsword 10590 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Leonardo's Bear 3330
Joachimbludgeons.png Giant Pillar 7520 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Replacement Man 5200
Joachimbludgeons.png Emcee's Desk 11280 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Spikes 5200
Luciafan.png Venus Fan 6830 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Coral Lariat 5050
Luciafan.png Goddess Fan 10250 Sh2accessorieslogo.png Coral Pendant 5500

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Enemy Drops[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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