Purson's Sigil


A muscular man with a lion's head. Lives in the mansion in the middle of the hill. He and his neighbour, Phenex, visit each other.

Where to findEdit

Given by Carla after Manmariana Island

Solomon's Key LocationEdit


Forsaken Hill, middle row, right node.


Name Base MP Cost Description Image Ring
Bright Light 16 MP Small-area Light attack (knock down) Brightlight Brightlightring
Post Completion
Dark Edge 8 MP Adds Dark class to one ally's Physical Attack Darkedge Darkedsgering



As depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal.

Purson is a Great King of Hell, being served and obeyed by twenty-two legions of demons.

He knows of hidden things, can find treasures, and tells past, present and future. Taking a human or aerial body he answers truly of all secret and divine things of Earth and the creation of the world. He also brings good familiars.

Purson is depicted as a man with the face of a lion, carrying a ferocious viper in his hand, and riding a bear. Before him there can be heard many trumpets sounding.

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