Shadow Hearts
HP 600
MP 440
Element Element water Water
P-ATK 95
P-DEF 39
Sp-ATK 41
Sp-DEF 0
AGL 25
LUC 25
Tight Ring

Large Whirlpool
Icy Breath

Location Temple Ruins - Ni Wan Palace
Immunities -
EXP Gained 1800
Cash 4200
Soul Worth 3 Wind
Item Drops Leonardo's Bear

Bestiary InfoEdit

One of three insects that live in the human body. It lives in the head and causes anxiety, suspicion, and hallucinations. Guards Master Xifa's Ni Wan Palace.


Seeing as you're left without means of healing, this battle is all about killing the boss before it kills you. It is recommended that you use the Flash Badge gained from Xiaofang's lottery, but it isn't a necessity. Also, despite the boss's water element, Zhuzhen won't help all that much, so have him defend.



Qinggu depicted as a Doctor

Along with the other two bosses of the Temple Ruins, Qinggu is meant to be a reference to the Three Corpses, a Taoist physiological belief that demonic creatures live inside the human body, and they seek to hasten the death of their host.

Qinggu is described as "he who makes men blind, or deaf, or bald, who makes the teeth fall out, who stops up the nose and gives bad breath."

The name is derived from the pronunciation of the characters, "青" ("Blue/Green"), and "古" ("Ancient, Old").


  • Of the three guardian bosses of the Temple Ruins, this is the only one that is left handed - the other two are right.
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