Element light Qiuhua
Game Sh1gamelogo
Kana 秋花*
Romaji Shūka*
Age N/A
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Home Shanghai
Element Light Element light

Library EntryEdit

Zhen's daughter and a master of the Chinese fiddle. Her father's past conflict with Dehuai haunts her to this day. She met Colonel Hyuga and the quack oracle when she was young.



Qiuhua is the daughter of Mr. Zhen, friend of Yuri's father, Ben Hyuga. Qiuhua is a excellent fiddle player and plays in her father's bar. When she was younger Ben Hyuga gave her his wife's cross for good luck until he returned. But unfortunately Ben Hyuga died in attempt to stop Dehaui. She has been holding on to his wife's cross since then. Her father's bar has turned hands to a old enemy Wugui.


  • For her appearance in the bar cutscene performing Syu-Ka, Qiuhua is portrayed by native Shanghainese, professional erhuist, WeiWei Wuu.

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