Quizzes are a (sometimes) fun distraction from the game. Each quiz, when all answers are correctly placed, grants an item to the player. These quizzes are random, and it's usually unknown who will have them. Items range from accessories to ultimate armors, and test your knowledge of the Shadow Hearts world. Quizzes weren't introduced until Covenant, and have lasted ever since.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, there are quite a few quizzes. Questions are timed for 10 seconds, band upon getting an answer wrong you must start over. There are 10 questions that are asked, and learning them and using trial and error will grant you your wish. There are no penalties for losing, nor is there a payment to play.

The Captain's QuizEdit

The first quiz you'll run into is Captain Kaneda of the Battleship Mikasa. Return here any point in the game after the initial dungeon and he'll engage you in the quiz.

# Question Answer
1 What's name of the secret global organization running the lottery? The World Lottery Society
2 What kind of weapon is Joachim's Timber? Squared Timber
3 Which of the following items restores MP? Mana Leaf
4 Which accessory is the savior that stops instant death? Leonardo's Bear
5 Which of the following accessories protects against poison? Shell Bracelet
6 Which essential in battle recovers HP to unconscious character? Talisman of Luck
7 Which of the following weapons ports a full-moon emblem? Luna Fan
9 What is Yuri's special weapon, Phantom Claw made from? Unidentified bones
10 What's the effect of the charming getup for men, the Loin Guard? Increased attack power
11 Which of the following accessories guards against petrification? Mirror Bracelet
12 What is the most effective restoring item? Thera Extract
13 What's the coating on Gepetto's weapon, Copper Filament? Copper
14 What's drawn on the front of the Seal of Force which increases power? An angel
15 What creature's eggshell is Ana's weapon, Blue Serpent, made from? Reptile
16 Which item increases max SP, which shows emotional stability? Seal of the Soul
17 Which of Blanca's weapons is in the top 100 whetstones in the world? Whetsone Plus
18 Which item cures all status and ring abnormalities in an instant? Daphne Fruit
19 What's the name of the practice sword Karin borrowed from Gepetto? Fleuret
20 How many in a pack of tissues, the lottery consolation prize? 8
21 That pro-level accessory makes hit area vanish, but doubles attack? Mind's Eye

The Prize: Folas Crest

Wrestler QuizEdit

Return to Nihonbashi after all the events that happen there are cleared. Talk to the fans near the left side of the wrestling ring to get the quiz started.

# Question Answer
1 What does chef and restauranteur Miccoli, have in his left hand? A fry pan
2 How does soul man O'Brian, top bodybuilder, wear his hair? Afro
3 What does France's top bodybuilder, Marcel, do for a living? Sommelier
4 What color loincloth does the last samurai, Ogasawara, wear? Red
5 Who is England's top bodybuilder and super-sleuth? Ashley
6 What instrument does the popular musician, O'Brian, play? Sax
7 What can you smell if you rub the vest of the masked wrestler? Curry
8 What is the occupation of Russia's top bodybuilder, Kalpin? Ballerina
9 Japan's top bodybuilder, Mr. Samurai, what's his name? Ogasawara
10 What does the ultimate matador, Enrique, have in his mouth? A rose
11 How many world bodybuilders that appear on cards have their back turned? 1
12 What does Marcel, France's largest sommelier, have in his right hand? A wine glass
13 What field does Dr. Oliver, Germany's top bodybuilder, work in? Gynecology
14 How many bodybuilders that appear on stud cards have nothing in their hands? 2
15 What is the occupation of Italy's top bodybuilder, Miccoli? Chef
16 What color underwear does the Indian top bodybuilder, Mr. Wrestler, wear? Black
17 What does Oliver, German Mr. Doctor, have in his left hand? Medical records
18 How does super-sleuth Ashley like to spend his spare time? Reading
19 Which ballet did superstar ballerina Kalpin perform entirely solo? Swan Lake
20 People call Enrique, Spain's top bodybuilder, the "Iberian..." what? Red Tornado

The Prize: Silver Angel, one of five items needed to trade to Edgar for Anastasia's Ultimate Weapon.

Monster's QuizEdit

This quiz happens in the Yokohama Streets. Uzawa stands in a white suit on the north end of town, almost at the edge of the map.

# Question Answer
1 What form is vessel to containing Astaroth's negative power Shoki? A dog
2 Katherine, who shows on Manmrina Island, is what kind of monster? A tussock moth
3 Veronica's pet monster, Oscar, is a mixture with what animal? A doberman
4 Peryton who attacked Russia has a body of a bird. What is its head? A deer
5 What kind of toy is the monster Ducky Toy in Domremy? Drakes
6 Tammuz, who shows up in the mine in Rhonda, is human mixed with what? A scorpion
What's the name of an armor worn by low-rank Iron Soldiers on Mikasa? Akagi
Who is the most important member of the secrety group led by Lenny? Lenny
What's the name of the airborne weapon controlled by Dr. Hojo? Master Cylinder
10 What's the name of the flag in otherworld Foreigner's Cemetery? Pera-Pera
11 The twin familiars Veronica summons are Castor, and who? Pollux
12 Blooming Phoenix, who shows up in the Immortal Mountain, has how many legs? 1
13 Jill, the monster that appears in the Gallery of the Dead, was once what? A girl
14 What does the monster Death Snail, from Ardennes, carry on its back? A skull
15 What's the worm-like monster possessing antibodies for Idar Flamme? Megafilaria
16 Veronica summoned a monster called Meursault. What's its favorite? Liquor
17 On Manmarina Island, what's the name of Carla's cat? Andre
18 What's the tough guy called who appears in Le Havre wielding lumber? Thug
19 What's the name of the Imperial Army unmanned airborne weapon on Mikasa? Flying Drone
What does Clawed Admiral have on his head that young officer's envy? A piece of red cloth

The Prize: Steel Egg, Anastasia's second best weapon.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, there are quite a few quizzes. Questions are timed for 10 seconds, band upon getting an answer wrong you must start over. There are 10 questions that are asked, and learning them and using trial and error will grant you your wish. There are no penalties for losing, nor is there a payment to play.

Achez's QuizEdit

The first quiz won't be opened until reaching Rio de Janiero.

# Question Answer
1 What do you need to operate in order to open the electric door in Alcatraz? A breaker
2 What is the name of the closed-down theater in Chelsea? The Erick Theater
3 What is the name of the small detective office on the Upper West Side? The Garland Detective Agency
4 What are the slums of Rio de Janiero called? Favela
5 Where is Purramount Pictures located? Hollywood
6 How many tepees are there standing in the Grand Canyon? 3
What do you need in order to ride the elevator in the hotel in Las Vegas? A room key
What color is the megaphone being used at Purramount Pictures? Yellow
What is the flag flying at the gate of the research base in Roswell? The American National Flag
10 What country are the ruins of Chichen Itza located? Mexico
11 What type of vehicle is always parked out front of the gas station in Roswell? A blue truck
12 What is written on the big red billboard in Times Square? Lejon
13 How many floors does the hotel in Las Vegas have? 10 floors
14 What do you have to pass through to reach the altar of the Ocean Spirit? A sunken ship
15 What is the structure in New York that holds a torch in its right hand? The Statue of Liberty
16 What do you have to pass through to reach the altar of the Ocean Spirit? A sunken ship
17 In Chicago, what marks border between the turf of the north and south gangs? An overhead structure
18 How many security zones has the base of Roswell been divided into? 3
19 What type of sport is always being played on the Arkham University grounds? Football
Who are the pirates of the Caribbean? The Lafitte Pirates
21 What is the room that is opposite the science laboratory in Arkham University? The Library

The Prize: Warning Device

Anne's QuizEdit

The quiz will grant Shania's Ultimate Armor as prize. After being to the Gate at least once, head back to the Caribbean Pirate Fort and speak with Anne.

# Question Answer
1 What is the name of Johnny's father? Graham
2 Who was the boss of the gang that opposed the Capone family? McManus
3 What is the name of the female ninja Frank ran into again at Roswell? Britney
4 What is the strange creature's name? Roger Bacon
5 What was the number of the Las Vegas hotel room where Ricardo was being held? Room 818
6 What is the title of the magazine published by Lenny's old aquaintance? Weekly Arts
Who is the elder of Moana Village? Okanagan
Mao collects cat coins. What type of fish is carved on the blue coin? A Mackeral
What does Raul at Arkham University want to be in the future? The President
10 Who asked Natan to go and catch the UMA? Nvwoti
11 What is the name of the AD at Purramount Pictures? Hamameow
12 What does Lenny always call Johnny? Master
13 What is the name of the hot-shot library clerk at Arkham University? Sebastian
14 What item did Smith the Swindler want when he was interred in Alcatraz? A Spoon
15 Which shopkeeper of the moving Harley sidecar shop is always on the left? Gerard
16 Which food instantly increases Hilda's calories? Cake
17 What is the name of Mao's second opponent at Purramount Pictures? Sammo Meow
18 What is the name of the man Shania's parents betrothed her to? Zonda
19 Who gives you attack time ups? The Ring Spirit
What is the name of who got separated from her brother at the Erick Theater? Nancy

'The Prize': Nigvast, Shania's Ultimate Armor

Russell's QuizEdit

This quiz is unlocked after clearing Aito Cave. Head to Arkham University and speak with Russell on the second floor empty classroom.

# Question Answer
1 Crystal skulls were used in Chichen Itza. What bone is the skull? The cranium bone
2 What is the law forbidding the sale and production of alcohol? The prohibition law
3 What is the item equipped with the pedometer that double counts your steps? The Step Doubler
4 What hand-held lighting device is needed to proceed through dark areas? Lantern
5 What do you put up to keep out the rain and wind when you sleep outside? Tent
6 Which city is the furthest south? Rio de Janiero
Who wrote the Theory of Relativity? Einstein
what weapons do ninjas usually throw? Ninja Stars
What happened for the first time anywhere in Pittsburge in 1920? A radio broadcast
10 What is the name of the soft drink that comes from a tree in Africa? Cola
11 What is the abnormal state that occurs in those living far from home? Homesickness
12 Which of these wouldn't set off the metal detector in Alcatraz? An insulation sheet
13 What does the name "Rio de Janeiro" mean? The January River
14 What do they call things like the flying saucer causing a stir in Roswell? UFOs
15 What are the people who pass out playing cards to casino-goers called? Dealers
16 What do you call a long handled brush used to clean tile floors or ship decks? Deck Brush
17 Which piece of gear goes on the head? Rivet Cap
18 What item is necessary to take the photographs that Johnny carries around? A camera
19 What do you need to play the lottery of the lottery members found worldwide? A Lottery Ticket
What are the green plants growing in the Grand Canyon Cacti

The Prize: Leo Stellar Chart

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