Raging Spirit
ShI monsters 108
Shadow Hearts
HP 38
MP 180
Element Element light Light
P-ATK 78
P-DEF 36
Sp-ATK 37
Sp-DEF 35
AGL 21
LUC 20
Exorcist's Arrow
Location Temple Ruins
Immunities -
EXP Gained 140
Cash 360
Soul Worth 1
Item Drops Thera Seed

Bestiary EntryEdit

An evil spirit formed from the dust of graveyards. It speaks, cries, and laughs with a dry, raspy voice and confuses and haunts those who visit shrines.



Breakdown of the human soul according to Shinto.

The Japanese name, Ara-mitama (荒御霊) is a reference to the Shinto belief that the human soul is sub-divided into four spiritual aspects; opposites, but also complimentary.

The four are; ara-mitama (agression), nigi-mitama (honour), saki-mitama (happiness), and kushi-mitama (wonder).

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