ShI monsters 069
Shadow Hearts
HP 3500
MP 700
Element Element fire Fire
P-ATK 308
P-DEF 41
Sp-ATK 115
Sp-DEF 73
AGL 50
LUC 50
Elder Sign


Location Calios Mental Hospital
Immunities -
EXP Gained 15000
Cash 16000
Soul Worth 5 Fire
Item Drops Spade Key

Bestiary EntryEdit

Viscount Rausan's mind realized into form by magic. It's a pregnant woman filled with hate. Inside its belly is evil that reeks.



Rausan - side profile

...Ok this is just down right weird!

Anyways Rausan's element is fire so have Yuri transform into Dragner while Halley will use "Aqua Blade".

Even though Rausan casts "Elder Sign" at the beginning at his turn Halley's "Aqua Blade" will still do plently of damage to him.

I hope you have leveled up Alice to level 35 because she will learn "Arc" which will be useful since he uses "Blaze" which hurts all of your characters.

Have everyone equipped with a Bell Bracelet since he can cause "Silence", which will be horrible if he casts it on Alice. Just let Yuri and Halley deal all the damage while Alice will heal and sometimes attack the boss with "Blessed Light".

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