Sh2keyitemlogo.png Reborn Droplet
Reborn droplet.jpg
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
"An actual soul, in physical form."

Allows Yuri to acquire the Dark Seraphim fusion.

A person’s soul, light as a feather, left behind in this world. Within the thin membrane gleams a deep blue that somehow seems to be trying to speak.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Found beside the tree in Yuri's Graveyard if the following conditions are met.

  • All of Yuri's elemental fusions are unlocked
  • Neo Amon's soul is unlocked
  • Kurando aquires Jutendouji in his Demon Morph
  • The player at least set foot in The Vessel

With that, the Door of Desires in the Labyrinth is now able to be opened. There Yuri encounters his father and fights Dark Seraphim. By defeating it, Dark Seraphim is unlocked as Yuri's ultimate fusion.

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