Red Cap
ShI monsters 099
Shadow Hearts
HP 2000
MP 500
Element Element fire Fire
P-ATK 260
P-DEF 53
Sp-ATK 140
Sp-DEF 92
AGL 66
LUC 66


Location Neameto Float
Immunities -
EXP Gained 10000
Cash 6000
Soul Worth 2
Item Drops Talisman of Power

Bestiary InfoEdit

Castle guard who carries a scythe dripping with blood. His small, evil, eyes peer out from a blood stained hood and strike fear into all intruders.


These pesky little creatures thrive in the Palace of the Deranged Gods, they have high HP and a high attack. Other than that beware of their ability Magnork it will deal damage to all of the characters which can take alot of HP if you arn't careful.



Red Cap is a murderous goblin-like creature from Anglo/Scottish mythology. He inhabits old battlegrounds or any place where substantial amounts of blood has been spilt.

He is described as a short, thickset old man with long prominent teeth, skinny fingers armed with talons, large fiery red eyes, grisly hair streaming down his shoulders, iron boots, a pikestaff in his left hand, and a red cap on his head.

He attempts to murder nearby travellers, and will soak his cap in their blood, staining it red - from which he derives his name.

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