Red Ogre
Shadow Hearts
HP 400
MP 240
Element Element fire Fire
P-ATK 126
P-DEF 40
Sp-ATK 70
Sp-DEF 49
AGL 26
LUC 26
SP Down

Fire Ball

Location Kowloon Fortress
Immunities -
EXP Gained 800
Cash 1000
Soul Worth 1
Item Drops Talisman Of Wisdom

Bestiary InfoEdit

Fire ogre used by warlocks. Attacks with a large, spiked metal rod. A sad creature that lives only to fight.


Oh, does it fight. It's physical attack is strong, but that's the only thing to be worried about with this guy. It uses SP Lowering, but not very often. Just drown it with some water-based attacks and it will go down. It's counterpart is the Blue Ogre which is more of a magic user and it's element is water.



Statue of a Red Oni, with a spiked club.

Called an "Oni" () in Japanese, it is usually translated as "Ogre", as the creatures are cultural analogues.

While the character originally described any sort of malicious supernatural entity, it came to be associated with large humanoid man-eaters.

Traditionally they are depicted with fearsome faces, often vibrant and unnatural hues of skin, horns, and wearing tiger-stripe loinclothes. They often also tend to carry a Kanabō - a spiked club.

While tending to have brutish natures, they are sometimes shown in a positive manner as protective spirits.

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