The Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation
Ah, most impressive. Such is the unfettered power of a god. But, compared with what I had in mind - it is mere child's play. Well, for Dehuai, I suppose I must admit, it's something of an achievement.
~ "Roger Bacon" about the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation.

The Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation is a magical ritual similar to the Demon's Gate Invocation. It is used to summon the Seraphic Radiance. It, along with the Demon's Gate Invocation are part of "The Valorization Rites".

The most forbidden and arcane of Taoist magics, it incarnates a god from the very soul of the planet itself. As such it is an immeasurably powerful being capable of terrible destruction; just summoning it managed to destroy Shanghai.

Desperate to protect Shanghai from the Japanese, Dehuai planned to summon a god to annihilate them and neturalize any future threats.


Mandala of Hell

By following the instructions found in the Pulse Tract, Dehuai discovered that it required the four guardian-gods of the compass (the Black Tortoise, the Red Phoenix, the Blue Dragon, and the White Tiger) to be blocked off, and also requires a channel for immense energy (ie. Alice or someone with equal power).

Other components of the ritual included the drawing of the magical "Divine Septagram", and of "The Mandela of Hell".

Its similar preparation to the Demon's Gate Invocation fooled Zhuzhen into believing that Dehuai was merely trying to complete the ritual that he attempted fifteen years ago.

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