Ico ricardo Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez
Game Shftnwlogo1
Kana リカルド・ゴメス
Romaji Rikarudo Gomezu
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Masashi Ebara
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Sean Schemmel
Age 27
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Home Chicago
Weapon(s) Guitar
Special Arts Serenata
Element Fire Element fire

Although he is seen early in the game performing at Al Capone's nightclub, he is the last character to actually join the party. A talented flamenco guitarist, his thoughts are turned from music to revenge when he is forced to kill the woman he loves after she becomes tainted by Lady with Malice.

Library EntryEdit

NPC Library EntryEdit

A mariachi who charms with his tunes. Before meeting with Edna and settled in Chicago he wandered the country with his guitar. Has a weakness for the ladies.

Playable Character EntryEdit

A mariachi with a broken heart, angry at the mystery woman who transformed Edna, and at himself. Set out alone again, pain and thoughts of revenge in his heart.


He uses his guitar in battle, which is modified to include a shotgun, rocket launcher, and flamethrower. He also uses Serenata, which he learns by collecting certain items. His Serenades are musical tunes played on his guitar, which give status boosts to allies (though they don't affect Ricardo himself).


Fighting StyleEdit

Ricardo comes to battle bearing very special guitars: each one he uses has a set of weapons hidden within, ranging from a simple shotgun in the neck to the more exotic miniature missle launcher hidden within the guitar's body. Using smooth dance moves and false playing, Ricardo is able to fire off pot-shots while avoiding his foes.

He can have up to four Hit Areas on the Judgement Ring


Ricardo's Seranatas all follow a basic pattern of four different types of melody NOTE: None of the stat increasing or boosting Melodies will actually effect Ricardo.

Main article: Ricardo Gomez/Serenata
Name MP Cost Description Image
Serenata - Play melodies for beneficial effects Ricardojamming

Leveling ChartEdit

Characters in Shadow Hearts: From the New World follow an arbitrary leveling chart, which regulates the character's base HP, MP, SP, as well as other statistics. The chart below shows Ricardo's Leveling Chart.

Ricardo chart


"What's you favourite rhythm?" (battle)

"I'm going to play you a requiem!" (battle)

"Have a listen to this hot ballad!" (battle)

"Edna... damn!" (battle with Malice Edna)

"Hang in there." (Restorative Magic)

"Gracias" (victory)

"That wasn't even the intro" (victory)

"Adios amigo" (victory)

"You weren't so bad" (victory)

"But that was just the intro." (victory)

"This type of audience is always welcome!" (victory)

"This wouldn't even count as a rehersal." (victory)



  • Oddly, even though Ricardo is a playable character he is still shown as an NPC in the library, probably because he is recruited so late.
  • His age may be a reference to Club 27.
  • According to Purgatory, his sin is Lust.

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