An area visited in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

First VisitEdit

After defeat, Shania is given the Kiss of Malice from Lady. Later on, Johnny returns home and asks help from Al Capone, knowing nothing of what happened to Shania. Al lends them his plane so they can go to Rio De Janeiro and find Lady. The team splits and you are given the task to find clues. In the newspaper publishing building Shania notices a picture of Lady on Macchu Picchu and asks the Publisher. Johnny notices Shania's rather different change of attitude.

Hilda's Ultimate ArmorEdit

After Finishing Sushi House, play Wheel with Keith after playing with other members.

Sushi House (Hilda)Edit


Sushi House (漢寿司*)

Hilda finds a silver vampire, for those who have played previous titles you may know who this is, who has been fed wasabi. She says she will get tea inside the Sushi House, to which Johnny said she should have just bought from the market. The gang faces Sushi mobs, sooner Hilda will face the Shrimp Sushi to which she will get fatter. There is a save point after that. After this each player will fight one sushi each. At the end of this you will fight The Great Q.

Frank's SidequestEdit

You will meet the Kunoichi from recent adventures here, she will tell you of a place in Brazil.



Just Us Guys
Item Price Item Price
Sh3itemicon Thera Leaf 50 Ricardoguitars Salsa Rosa 3540
Sh3itemicon Thera Seed 120 Sh3armouricon Chainmail Vest 1350
Sh3itemicon Mana Leaf 150 Sh3armouricon Silk Shawl 1260
Sh3itemicon Mana Seed 300 Sh3armouricon Desert Cloak 1890
Sh3itemicon Pure Leaf 230 Sh3armouricon Long Robes 2030
Sh3itemicon Pure Seed 510 Sh3accessoriesicon Face Guard 980
Sh3itemicon Soul Benediction 150

Sh3accessoriesiconMaleonly Headgear

Sh3itemicon Phoenix Tail 90 Sh3accessoriesiconFemaleonly Force Brow 1470
Sh3itemicon Talisman of Luck 480 Sh3accessoriesicon Western Belt 980
Sh3itemicon Talisman of Mercy 820 Sh3accessoriesicon Stone Belt 1380
Sh3itemicon Tent 200 Sh3accessoriesicon Shell Bracelet 2770
Johnnyknives Assault Knife 1960 Sh3accessoriesicon Bhodi Bracelet 3000
Johnnyknives Cleria Dagger 2940 Sh3accessoriesicon Feather Bracelet 3050
Shaniaaxes Whirlwind 2090 Sh3accessoriesicon Bell Bracelet 3120
Shaniaaxes Red Cloud 3140 Sh3accessoriesicon Silver Bracelet 3180
Natanguns Tyrant M29 2160 Sh3accessoriesicon Mirror Bracelet 3240
Natanguns Mauser Custom 3240 Sh3accessoriesicon Vine Bracelet 2810
Frankninjasword Marlin Saber 2300 Sh3accessoriesicon Pocket Watch 5200
Frankninjasword Fireworks Saber 3440 Sh3accessoriesicon Leonardo's Bear 3330
Maobottles Cactus Drop 2230 Sh3accessoriesicon Replacement Man 5200
Maobottles Corrida Chorar 3340 Sh3accessoriesicon Spikes 2910
Hildawands Brave Moon 2030 Sh3accessoriesicon Coral Lariat 500
Hildawands Sunshine of Love 3040 Sh3accessoriesicon Coral Pendant 5500
Ricardoguitars Refinado 1990


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