The house that Roger built in the grounds of the ruined abbey. It is uses highly advanced technology and looks almost like an alien spaceship. It is only accessible in Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Shadow HeartsEdit

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Following the events of Koudelka, Roger built a new home, not too far from the ruins of monastery, both allowing him to watch over the site, and experiment with various technologies in peace.

By the time of meeting Yuri, he'd managed to develop a teleportation device powered by a treadmill, and a space-age vending machine.



Continental Zero
Item Price Item Price
Yuriglovesh1 Silver Talon 16000 Sh1acessorylogo Spikes 2810
Alicebookslogo Grand Bible 17400 Sh1acessorylogo Pocket Watch 5200
Zhuzhenstaves Four Gods' Staff 15970 Sh1acessorylogo Will Power 6000
Margareteguns 12 Gauge 15800 Sh1acessorylogo Leonardo's Bear 3330
Keithswordlogo Executioner Sword 18030 Sh1acessorylogo Voodoo Doll 5200
Halleyslingshotlogo Steel Slingshot 14800 Sh1acessorylogo Jade Lariat 5050
Halleyslingshotlogo High Alloy Slingshot 19200 Sh1acessorylogo Coral Lariat 5050
Sh1armourmalelogo Stygian Robe 14800 Sh1itemlogo Thera Root 300
Sh1armourfemalelogo Snow-White Robe 15600 Sh1itemlogo Mana Root 500
Sh1acessorylogoMaleonly Headgear 5400 Sh1itemlogo Pure Root 1000
Sh1acessorylogoFemaleonly Circlet 5800 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Mercy 820
Sh1acessorylogoFemaleonly Charming Pareo 5500 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Wisdom 1280
Sh1acessorylogoMaleonly Loincloth 5200 Sh1itemlogo Talisman of Purity 1760
Sh1acessorylogo Shell Bracelet 2770 Sh1itemlogo Soul Benediction 500
Sh1acessorylogo Bone Bracelet 2960 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Arrowhead 100
Sh1acessorylogo Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Sh1itemlogo Bronze Dagger 200
Sh1acessorylogo Bell Bracelet 3120 Sh1itemlogo Silver Hourglass 100
Sh1acessorylogo Mirror Bracelet 3240 Sh1itemlogo Gold Hourglass 200
Sh1acessorylogo Cosmic Bracelet 11500 Sh1itemlogo Tent 480
Sh1acessorylogo Zodiac Bracelet 10300


  • Sh1keyitem Light Gravestone - Examine the ground near the bookshelf to the right of Continental Zero.

NPC InteractionEdit

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit





Continental Zero 2
Item Price Item Price
Sh2itemlogo Thera Leaf 50 Karinswords Blessed Saber 2090
Sh2itemlogo Thera Seed 120 Joachimbludgeons Locker 1490
Sh2itemlogo Mana Leaf 100 Joachimbludgeons Red Mailbox 2230
Sh2itemlogo Mana Seed 300 Luciafan Luna Fan 1350
Sh2itemlogo Pure Leaf 230 Luciafan Golden Fan 2030
Sh2itemlogo Pure Seed 510 Sh2armourlogoMaleonly Chainmail Vest 1350
Sh2itemlogo Soul Benediction 150 Sh2armourlogoFemaleonly Silk Shawl 1260
Sh2itemlogo Phoenix Tail 90 Sh2armourlogo Desert Cloak 1890
Sh2itemlogo Talisman of Luck 480 Sh2armourlogo Long Robe 2030
Sh2itemlogo Tent 200 Sh2accessorieslogo Studded Cap 600
Yuriglovesh2 Bearclaw 1440 Sh2accessorieslogo Face Guard 1700
Yuriglovesh2 Gauntlet 2160 Sh2accessorieslogo Studded Belt 1960
Gepettostrings Kite String 1530 Sh2accessorieslogo Pocket Watch 5200
Gepettostrings Piano Wire 2300 Sh2accessorieslogo Leonardo's Bear 3330
Blancabones Whetstone 1300 Sh2accessorieslogo Coral Lariat 5050
Blancabones Whetstone Plus 1960 Sh2accessorieslogo Coral Pendant 5500
Karinswords Fine Rapier 1400




Sacnoth Statues

  • As an easter egg reference to Koudelka, the rotating statue in Roger's house, next to the treadmill, is actually a smaller version of the Sacnoth statue, as it was found in the monastary courtyard, holding the most powerful sword in the game.
  • A new house for Roger, based in America, was due to feature in Shadow Hearts: From the New World, but was later scrapped.

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