Ronwei Johnny can photograph this enemy during normal gameplay.
Shftnw mon 017.jpg
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 700
MP 256
Element Fire.png Fire
Height Sh3heightlowmid.png

Red Nova
Flame Mine

Location Alcatraz Prison

Deadly Poison
Instant Death
HP Down
P-ATK Down
P-DEF Down
Sp-DEF Down

Calories -10
Cat Coins 1 Mackerel
EXP Gained 600
Cash 2800
Souls Gained 45
Item Drops P-ATK Down 1 (100%)

Strike Expand (100%)

Snap Card Shftnw snaps 017.jpg

Boss Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Info[edit | edit source]

Deformed denizen of the abyss. His overdeveloped arms took the place of his legs, and his lower body wasted away. Once he attacks, he will never give up the chase.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

As depicted in the Dictionnaire Infernal.

Ronwei is a misromanisation of (ロノウェ) Ronove, a demon found in the Lesser Key of Solomon.

He is titled as a Marquis and Great Earl of Hell, and teaches art, rhetoric, languages, and gives good and loyal servants, and the favour of friends and foes.

It previously appeared in Shadow Hearts: Covenant as the namesake of the Ronove Crest.

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