Royal Medical Society Members

The principal antagonists of the Koudelka Manga, and the driving force behind Patrick Heyworth's actions during the events of Koudelka.



Symbol of the Royal Medical Society

The symbol of the society, "" is the symbol for a medical prescription, derived from the Latin "recipe", meaning "take thou".

Members of the society often wear it on a ring, or some other item of jewellery to signify their membership.



Royal Medical Society HQ

A secretive group with much influence over the police and governement, it has existed as a secret and exclusive society for centuries, researching and furthering medicine, becoming the number one location for medical research in the UK.


HQ Interior Chamber

Under the instructions of Lord Leslie, they persuaded a grieving Patrick Heyworth to steal the Roger Bacon's transcribed copy of the Émigré Document from the Vatican, as their own copy - the orignal copy - had deteriorated to an unreadable state.

Patrick resurrected his wife's body, but it lacked her soul, and she was little more than a monster. Despite this fact, having confirmed that the ritual was possible, the society began to kidnap both prostitutes, and perform abortions, but keeping the foetuses alive in a solution of their own devising, in preperation for sacrifice. Utterly ruthless, they had no qualms about killing those who would stand against them.

Their HQ was located hidden away underneath the Tower of London, accessable from a secret passage found in the nearby "Tiger Tiger" pub.

From a central chamber, accessable was a library - full of innumerable books on medical science and reference, and a dispensary, in which is found a cure for the Black Fever.


Under the direction of Lord Leslie, the other members assisted in his attempt to resurrect his deceased daughter. Having recognised there were flaws in Roger's copy of the text, their ultimate aim was to summon forth the Author of the document, allowing them to complete the ritual, and to use the knowledge gained from the being to surpass the limitations of medicine.



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