Statue of St. Daniel

St. Daniel Scotus Eriugena is the founder of the Nemeton Monastery.

The younger brother of Johannes Scotus Eriugena, the pair were raised in Ireland, and would both later became monks.

In the 9th Century, the Émigré Manuscript, found its way into the hands of the Scotus Eriugena brothers. Having studied Greek, the brothers deciphered the ancient text, and were both alarmed, and astonished by its contents.

Intrigued by the talk of a Holy Land in Wales, as mentioned in the document, Daniel Scotus set off to Aberystwyth, Wales, to consecrate the site, founding what would eventually become the Nemeton Monastery.

Little more is known about the man's later life. Following the construction of the monastery, he lead a quiet life of prayer, before dying in the latter half of the 9th Century. Following his death, he was beatified, and made a Saint.

It was this "holy" aura that Patrick believed was hindering his attempts at resurrecting Elaine, requiring him to offer up more lives to the cauldron to counteract that effect.

Though his grave is present in the Nemeton Graveyard, his arm found its way into a statue of the saint, and was later found and used by James in an attempt to purify the site once more.

Roger is rather dismissive of the man, thanking him only for the building of the monastery.

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