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Sasquatch Johnny can photograph this enemy during normal gameplay.
Shftnw mon 070.jpg
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 350
MP 146
Element Fire.png Fire
Height Sh3heightlowmid.png
Red Nova
Location Grand Canyon

Deadly Poison
Instant Death
HP Down
Sp-ATK Down
P-DEF Down

Calories -5
Cat Coins 3 Mackerel
EXP Gained 100
Cash 265
Souls Gained 10
Item Drops Swan Statue (100%)
Snap Card Shftnw snaps 070.jpg

A UMA that must be faced by Natan in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

It is found in the Grand Canyon and can be lured with the Honey Bait.


An UMA that lives in the Grand Canyon, also known as Big Foot. Its appearance is unknown, but footprints are twice the size of a man's. Has a weakness for sweets.

UMA Entry[]

Elusive Giant Man-Ape.

Name: Sasquatch
Habitat: North America

Details: Also Known as Bigfoot, sightings have been reported across all of northern America.

As its nickname suggests, has feet more than twice the size of an average man.

Generally quite harmless, but loves sweet things and will attack relentlessly to get them.


Illustration of a Sasquatch.

Sasquatch (also known as "Bigfoot"), is a bipedal hominid, or ape-like cryptid, said to live in forests of the Pacific Northwest of America.

There have been numerous alleged sightings over the years, and is frequently featured in pop-culture.