Seraphic Radiance
Shadow Hearts
HP 5000
MP 999
Element Noneelement Non-Elemental
P-ATK 350
P-DEF 66
Sp-ATK 240
Sp-DEF 110
AGL 90
LUC 90
Location The Graveyard
Immunities -
EXP Gained 60000
Cash 99999
Soul Worth -
Item Drops Diamond Ring

Seraphic Radiance soul


Seraphic Radiance is an optional boss in the game Shadow Hearts. Upon defeat, Yuri is allowed to fuse with it.


The most evil fusion monster.

No Harmonixer has ever fused succesfully with this monster. A succesful fusion gives Harmonixers the power to perfom deicide.

Where to FindEdit

Seraphic Radiance is almost as tough to reach as it is to beat. It waits behind the back gate in the Graveyard, but only if certain conditions are met. They are as follows:

  • Yuri can use every fusion, including Amon.
  • You must have the Rebirth Stone, obtained in the Ancient Ruins.


This boss is very tough.

The recommend equipment for this boss is the Demon Earrings which will increase Yuri's attack. The Seven Eyed Mask to increase Yuri's loss of defense, and the Berserker Earrings to increase Yuri's HP which you will need alot of. Have a good amount of Thera Extracts (20 worked for me) because this boss has high attack.

First you will battle Ben Hyuga, one on one. Just keep attacking Hyuga and heal when needed. Once Hyuga is defeated, he will immediately fuse with the Radience and attack. If you have a Seventh Key (which you should) use it now. After that, just continue attacking and keeping your hit points up, it'll be a long battle, but it's winnable.

Also, you could equip Lobo (as one of Yuri's souls) and the Mind's Eye on Yuri (if you're confident enough in hitting his zones without being able to see them). Then, fuse with Lobo right when the fight with Hyuga starts and cast Charge to increase your defense and recast everytime it wears off (it'll greatly decrease the damage Ben does to you and make it easier to withstand the Seraphic Radience's hits).

If you're below level 50 when you attempt the Radiance, you'll want to make sure you're above ~320 hit points at all times. Otherwise, when it casts Malcto, you could very well be defeated as the spell deals 300-320 points of damage to Yuri.

Defeating it grants Yuri the Seraphic Radiance fusion.

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