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Shadow Hearts: Covenant - US and European Cover

Shadow Hearts: Covenant is a console role-playing game developed by Nautilus and published by Midway in 2004. It is a direct continuation of Shadow Hearts and the second official game in the Shadow Hearts series. The game features two DVD-ROM discs instead of the usual one, which provides, according to the publisher, over forty hours of gameplay.

The game is also known as Shadow Hearts II. This is the name used within the game itself: the name "Shadow Hearts: Covenant" was used only on the American and European packaging and in advertising.

The story follows six months after the events of Shadow Hearts in the midst of World War I. The heroes are drawn into an intriguing plot involving the demons of demonolatry, the chief advisor of the tsar of Russia and a man from the main character Yuri Hyuga's past.

The release of Shadow Hearts: Covenant generated much more fanfare than its predecessor. As such, the series gained a much wider following in the United States. It was named IGN PS2 Game of the Year for 2004.


Shadow Hearts: Covenant Logo

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Apoina Tower and Domremy[]

We find it in the middle of World War I. Karin Koenig, a German soldier, teams up with Nicolai Conrad to defeat the "Demon of Domremy". After Karin is introduced to combat, they climb up the tower and battle a gargoyle who is protecting an artifact known as the Holy Mistletoe. They then set off for Domremy. Once they arrive they trip various tripwires, which leads to more combat. After fighting their way to a church, they manage to use the Curse of the Mistletoe on the demon, who is revealed to be Yuri Hyuga. They then go to Ardennes Forest.

Ardennes Forest[]

Nicolai has left. Yuri and Karin find themselves in the company of Gepetto and Blanca after a child named Jeanne's death. They journey through the forest while being chased by a man named Lenny Curtis and his gang. Eventually, they get to the end and find that Yuri's fusion abilities, locked by the Curse of the Mistletoe, are slowly becoming available by unlocking them with Soul Energy in his soul. Once they are about to leave, a fierce monster named Arachne attacks them. After a battle, they head off to Paris.

Paris and Le Havre[]

After Gepetto gives Karin a sword, they do battle and enter a subway. They make their way through Paris, still pursued by Lenny. After narrowly escaping Lenny on a mine cart chase, a woman named Veronica Vera stops them and forces them to battle two demons, Castor and Pollux. Once they manage to leave, they are able to go to Le Havre, where they find themselves joining a vigilante group searching for a man named Joachim Valentine, and they go to battle Veronica and another one of her summoned demons at a wine cellar. After discovering Valentine is friendly, they battle the vigilante group and they retreat. They demand a ship to go to Southampton, to which the vigilante group are forced to agree.

Southampton and Rhondda Mine[]

Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca, and Joachim arrive at Southampton and find a man named Kato, who saves a drunk that tells them to go to the Rhondda Mine so they can reach Wales. After staying the night and exploring Southampton, they decide to go through the mine, all the way up to the end where they battle a fierce beast named Grimlock. They go through the exit and are at Wales.

Wales and Florence[]

Yuri and friends approach Yuri's old acquaintance, Roger Bacon in his house to find he is not there. They are instead given a rather rude welcome by Lenny and his assistants, and they finally do battle, with Lenny the loser. Thomas Lawrence wants to stop Sapientes Gladio, a group of terrorists, and appears after the fight, wanting the team to meet "Carla". They travel to Florence to meet this woman and find a beautiful dancing fortune-teller named Lucia who assists Carla. Carla lets the team know that they're not getting any help. Karin mentions that Thomas told them to come for help, and Carla agrees, as long as they can find a flower at Manmariana Island.

Manmariana Island[]

Lucia helps them enter the mansion on the island and immediately sets off a trap. They then need to go through a puzzle door in order to reach the flower, and Lucia proves to be no help. After wandering about the mansion and putting the tiles in the correct place, they find the flowers they need. Right at that moment, Andre, a large pink cat, attacks the group. They learn Lucia is Andre's master, and that she is trying to kill them. However they prove to be too powerful, and Andre falls. Lucia apologizes, claiming she thought Yuri's gang was part of Sapientes Gladio. Back at Florence, Carla apologizes as well and Lucia officially joins the party.

SG Italian Branch HQ[]

Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca, Joachim, and the newly joined Lucia journey into Sapientes Gladios' headquarters here to find Roger Bacon. They solve puzzles, wander through hallways, and battle demons until finally coming to the end, where they battle an even larger demon known as Janus. They then find Nicolai and Lenny, who demand the "Emigre Manuscript" in exchange for Roger Bacon. They briefly return to Florence to discuss how dangerous the Emigre Manuscript is, especially in the wrong hands. It creates life from death, in Yuri's own words. They then head off to Neam Ruins to collect it.

Neam Ruins and Cannes[]

After an extremely long trip wandering and solving puzzles all through the Neam Ruins, they reach the end to find a sentry, Grail Gazer there to halt their progress. Of course, the team manages to defeat the Grail Gazer and collect the manuscript, however, Yuri has a brief flashback, thinking of how he could use it to revive Alice who had died in the events of Shadow Hearts. After a quick trip to Cannes to get a boat to go to St. Marguerite island and a key for the door, they set sail for the island.

St. Marguerite Island[]

As the team arrives, an annoying wolf quickly steals the key they had to get into the island. After a scolding from Lucia, Yuri suggests Blanca go get it back as the wolf had slipped into a hole. After killing the wolf and bringing back the key, the team ventures further into the island which happens to be many prisons. They go through a coded door to find themselves knocked out by a paralyzing perfume, courtesy of Veronica Vera. At this point, the player has a choice on which character (save Blanca) Veronica should torture. This is a rather humorous scene that usually involves Veronica getting mad at the character's smart remarks. Regardless of the character chosen they are all still captured, and after getting past some guards and fighting Veronica's third pet, Blanca the wolf goes and saves all of the party. They then meet a man named Locke in a cell, and they agree on giving him supplies in exchange for a key to Roger Bacon's cell. After getting the supplies and making the key, they find Bacon at last. Unfortunately, Lenny gets in the way, and after sending out waves of his lackeys, he transforms into the demon Godhand and attempts to kill the party. Of course, Yuri's team wins and rescues Roger Bacon. They shortly go back to Cannes for Roger's long speech about Sapientes Gladio. He finally mentions the highest-ranked member, Rasputin of Petrograd.


The party finds Princess Anastasia and is temporarily in control of her, and she is also suspicious of Rasputin. After finding out he will do something horrible at the Royal Ball, she takes a picture with a camera she recently got from Edgar, someone she knows and is caught. When she is forced into an alley by a monster sent by Rasputin's sidekick Victor, Yuri, Blanca, Gepetto, Karin, Joachim, and Lucia come to save Anastasia. She then joins the team. They enter the palace and find the ball in progress when they find Veronica has released a deadly gas, and Rasputin is keeping Prince Alexei, Anastasia's brother, in custody. They run through the palace until they meet Victor and swiftly kill him. He drops a key that leads to the room Rasputin was in, and Yuri attempts to assassinate him. Unfortunately, Rasputin has a magical shield and the Holy Mistletoe on his side, so Yuri loses and after Rasputin blames them for a crime, the team is forced out of Petrograd. They visit Goreme Valley to make Yuri stronger.

Goreme Valley[]

Yuri plans to regain the ability to fuse with Amon, the demon deep in his soul. He meets with Jovis who helps him enter his soul with Karin, and together they defeat and regain Amon. Yuri and Karin talk together, then Anastasia interrupts them to let them know Jovis has a message for them. He says there are three major demons, Amon, who is Yuri's, Asmodeus, who is Rasputin's, and Astaroth, whose owner is unknown.

Revisiting Petrograd[]

Yuri and the team go back to Petrograd. Jeanne sends Yuri to the graveyard to let him know his elemental fusions can be made stronger still, and when he regains consciousness, the team goes into the horrifying Gallery of the Dead, a secret passage to the Winter Palace. Once they enter they find Rasputin has begun his awful plan of beginning to conquer Europe, and they run up a spiral staircase to see him. Unfortunately, Sapientes Gladio member Veronica is in their way, and she morphs into the wicked Night Queen. Once the team defeats the beast, Veronica falls and is finally truly dead. After a fierce battle between Yuri fused as Amon and Rasputin, Rasputin ends up being the loser. However, he is not ready to give up yet, and calls upon his bond with Asmodeus, making the castle Idar Flamme rise.

Idar Flamme[]

Yuri and the team go through a long and tough dungeon, Idar Flamme itself, and finally, they find two ugly demons known as Mother Filarias. They battle both, and then two more Mother Filarias, and then after a short passage, they finally meet Rasputin. After a short conversation where Rasputin attempts to use the Curse of the Mistletoe to overcome Yuri. However, Yuri manages to briefly escape it, and after Rasputin turns into a horrendous being known as Asmodeus and is defeated by the party, Yuri learns the Mistletoe Curse will likely eat his soul and memories, and unfortunately, most likely there is no cure. Rasputin is finally dead and gone for eternity, and Idar Flamme is destroyed.

Revisiting Apoina Tower[]

Rasputin and Veronica are dead, and Lenny will cause no more problems. That means only Nicolai remains. After a long, tiring journey to the top of Apoina Tower, they see Nicolai, who releases a huge amount of Malice from the tower, and is then ready to kill the party. They find he is the owner of Astaroth's power, and he quickly transforms into the demon. All working together, they manage to take Astaroth down. Kato rushes in, claims Nicolai is the heir to the Russian throne and takes him away to be healed, much to Yuri's dismay.

Yokohama Warehouse District[]

Three months have passed since the events of Apoina Tower, and the team has gone from Europe to Japan. (another note is that, game-wise, the player switches from Disc 1 to Disc 2) Yuri has seasickness and is not available for the very first part of Japan's events. Luckily, Blanca is here to save the day, and wanders around Japan to find a Young Swordsman being attacked by some Akagi Soldiers. Soon, Blanca joins in, and they fight side-by-side. The young swordsman is grateful, and Yuri then feels better. They go off to explore more of Japan.

Yokohama Streets[]

While exploring, the party encounters Blanca in the streets of Yokohama, he notices them but suddenly the young girl from before shouts "Snow Ball!" and his concentration wonders elsewhere. Out of nowhere the soldiers arrive in an automobile and kidnap the "princess" for unknown reasons. Blanca and the young swordsman try to stop them but instead the soldiers fire their guns and they are forced to take cover. After the sudden event, the party is then seen in the estate of the mysterious old man. It seems that the girl the was captured is his daughter and that she's to be held hostage for an unknown reason. Concerned for her safety Yuri, Karin and the others decide they help the two unknown men and rescue the princess.


Demo Version

Like its predecessor, it came with a promotional DVD and a short playable demo consisting of a few areas. The demo also came with an instruction booklet containing story & character introductions, the history of the series, a system explanation and maps for the areas featured in the demo.

Certain stores and sites also had preorder bonuses such as bags, clocks, a mouse pad and the Shadow Hearts Special Sounds CD.

Two comic books ("Fanbook" doujinshi) were also authorized by Aruze and contained a few short manga stories and illustrations.

Director's Cut[]

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Director's Cut (JP Cover)

Main article: Director's Cut/Translations

After the release of the original game, a director's cut version was released in Japan, and never saw US shores. The Director's Cut included many new things;

Changes also include some new music tracks, a slightly bigger Judgment Ring, and support for the PlayStation 2 HDD.

A detailed guide (in Russian; translation needed) can be found here.

Since the Director's Cut version of the game is in Japanese you might struggle with the language, however, having a walkthrough guide and the information from this Wikipedia playing the game should be possible. The only part which might cause actual problems is the three quizzes the player can attempt to answer throughout the game. For solving this problem, simply compare the questions that you are asked with this Japanese solution table.

There was also a rare limited edition known as the "Shadow Hearts 2 DX Pack", which came with various goodies and items, such as another DVD, a replica of Anne's Cross, two drinking coasters.

(Sidenote: This Video is part of the DX bonus DVD, not the DC, against the uploader's claims.)

DX Pack Contents[]

Voice Cast[]

'Character' 'Jp VA' 'Eng VA'
Yuri Hyuga Takahashi Hiroki Joe Cappelletti 
Karin Koenig Nagasawa Miki Kari Wahlgren
Gepetto Hiroshi Ito Amos Nandy
Blanca Ikeda Shuichi Richard Cansino
Joachim Valentine Nishimura Tomohiro Paul St. Peter
Anastasia Romanov Imai Yuka Stephanie Sheh
Kurando Inugami Shimono Hiro Richard Cansino
Lucia Yuka Koyama Michelle Ruff
Nicolai Conrad Koyasu Takehito Ardwight Chamberlain
Lenny Curtis Daiki Nakamura Richard Cansino
Veronica Vera Mie Sonozaki Ellen Stern
Rasputin Ryūzaburō Ōtomo Bob Papenbrook
Roger Bacon Tatsuya Kashuin Amos Nandy
Kato Nobuaki Kanemitsu Jamieson Price