The Shadow Hearts mythos encompasses a vast span of history. This (incomplete) timeline of the major events in the series ranges from prehistory up through the 1930s, sourcing dates given within the context of the game as well as any known character ages. Due to the limitations of the information revealed by the games' canon, many of the dates given may be approximated.

Needless to say, this article contains spoilers.


  • An ancient alien race comes to Earth and leaves behind the Neameto Float.
  • The ancient subterranean area of what will become the Nemeton Monastery are constructed by an unknown race. Various similar constructions are built throughout the world, such as on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the lost continent of Mu, and the lost city of Atlantis.
  • The Formors perfect the art of raising the dead, using them as a tireless workforce. They document this process in a text which will later become known as the "Émigré Manuscript" before quietly vanishing from history.

10th Century BCEdit

9th Century ADEdit


  • Esteemed philosopher, scientist and eternal lovechild Roger Bacon is born in England.


  • Roger (aged 33) enters Oxford Univeristy and studies under Robert Grosseteste.



  • Roger (aged 53) completes his Opus Majus, a treatise on natural science, grammar, logic, mathematics, physics and philosophy.


  • Roger spends at least five years secretly transcribing a new copy of the Émigré Manuscript for the Pope of the time. At some point, he learns that the Pope had planned to kill him once the manuscript was finished. He performs a ritual from the book in order to gain immortality, but not agelessness.
  • During this time period, Roger visits Wales, the Holy Land described in the Manuscript, and later commences to travel the world. It is also during this era that Roger begins to take on apprentices to share his knowledge.
  • Albert Simon's birthdate is unknown, but it is at some point during these centuries that he is born and later meets Roger. At one point, he fights in the Crusades.


  • Around the early 1400s, the Church executes the wife of French nobleman and owner of Tiffauges Castle, Gilles de Rais, for heresy. This turns him towards the dark arts and devil worship, which leads the Church to execute him as well.
  • The Valentine siblings, Joachim (the eldest), Keith (the middle child), and Hildegard (the youngest) are born around this time.
  • 1536 - Under the English Reformation, Nemeton Monastary is stripped of its Catholic status, and repurposed as a prison, and place of execution for polictical prisoners, and important criminals.


  • In Nuremburg, Roger's greatest pupil, Albert Simon, attempts to place charges of witchcraft on him for not supporting his progressive egalitarian views. However, Albert himself is put on trial for heresy by the Catholic Church and imprisoned.
  • Roger is aged 326 by this time.

Post 1540Edit

  • Albert either escapes or is released from confinement, and he begins to delve deeply into the dark arts and forbidden magic, much to Roger's concern.
  • Roger continues to travel the globe.


  • Charlotte is born to lovers Sophia D'Lota and Phillip Christopher, then immediately taken away from them.
  • Sophia is imprisoned also, and writes letters to her daughter.

Circa 1700Edit

  • Keith begins a long slumber in his coffin that will last for 200 years. The Blue Castle, appears deserted.
  • Joachim visits Japan, and is witness to the struggles of a small town against the villany of te local feudal lord. And some point, he too returns to Blue Castle for slumber.


  • At the age of 9, Charlotte is executed, having never recieved any of the letters.
  • Sophia continues to write letters to her daughter, unaware of her death until she herself dies.


  • The events of the Guard's Diary happen from the beginning of June to November, as the abused prisoners manage to overpower and kill the guards.
  • In August, the woman mentioned in this diary, believed to be Mira, dies.

Circa 1800Edit

  • Roger, now aged around 580, grows tired of the unchanging cruelties of man, and begins his hundred-year sleep in a coffin at Nemeton Monastery.






  • James attends university and becomes friends with Patrick Heyworth, in 1871.
  • At one point, James and Patrick both compete for the affections of a woman named Elaine Heyworth, and have a subsequent falling out. Due to his social status and lack of money to care for her, James concedes Patrick to marry her.
  • Dr. Jack is born to Mary.


  • Edward Plunkett is born.
  • James visits Elaine and Patrick. This is the last time he sees them both alive. As a way of coping, he turns to the Church and eventually becomes a Bishop.



  • Elaine Heyworth is murdered in her home by thieves.
  • Patrick, mad with grief, starts to research the dark arts and occult in an attempt to resurrect his wife.





  • Koudelka's father dies. Koudelka predicts exactly how he will die, down to the very minute.
  • Following the events of her father's death, her mother attempts to kill her, and it is decided that Koudelka must be exiled. Nine years old at the time, Koudelka later makes her way to London and into the care of renowned medium, Mrs. Blavatsky.
  • Albert Simon and Father Doyle have their picture taken at a "Revival Festival."



  • The Three Ancient Tomes are stolen from the Vatican library by Albert Simon. The Vatican tasks the retrieval of the books with their finest exorcists, Father Elliot and Bishop James O' Flaherty. They travel together across Europe to search.
  • Albert Simon gives the Émigré Manucsript to Patrick who buys the Nemeton Monastery and begins its restoration.


  • Mrs. Blavatsky dies, leaving Koudelka alone in the world. At the age of twelve, she travels across Britain, using her powers to aid people.


  • Alice Elliot is born.
  • Elliot and O'Flaherty go their seperate ways to look for the Tomes but keep in touch via letter correspondence.
  • Ben Hyuga meets with Naniwa Kawashima for the last time to discuss the ever-growing threat of the warlock Dehuai.
  • Yuri, Anne and Ben have their photograph taken and move to China.



  • With the restoration complete, Patrick, Ogden and Bessie move into the monastary.
  • Patrick finds a reference to a magical cauldron in the tale of Branwen which has the ability to bring the dead back to life.




  • In April, the monsters resulting from Patrick's work start to appear and infest the monastery.
  • Koudelka (aged 19) hears a troubled spirit calling from the monastery so sets out to try to soothe it.
  • Edward (aged 20) comes to the monastery after hearing rumours that there were a load of "harlots" there.
  • James (aged 53) hears that one of the anicent tomes has made its way to the Nemeton Monastery, and sends his final letter to Father Elliot before heading off to Wales.
  • Between the evening of October 31 to the late morning of November 1, the events of Koudelka take place.
  • Roger Bacon (aged 684) awakens from his 100 year sleep.
  • Koudelka Canon Ending: James O'Flaherty dies and sacrifices himself to purify Elaine's body. This causes the Monastary to burn down. Edward and Koudelka sleep together, a union that will later result in a child. Both go their seperate ways; Edward to America, and Koudelka to London.


  • Albert Simon meets with the warlock Dehuai.
  • Li Li loses her fisherman father in a storm.
  • Ben Hyuga goes to Shanghai and meets Zhuzhen, whom he saves from Wugui.
  • Dehuai attempts the Valorization ritual, but is thwarted by Ben Hyuga (who fuses with the summoned beast), Zhuzhen and Zhen.
  • Unable to control the fusion, Zhuzhen is forced to kill Ben before he loses all control.
  • Anne Hyuga is killed protecting Yuri from their demon possessed neighbours who are being controlled by Dehuai. Yuri fuses for the first time and kills them all in retaliation.


  • Halley is born to Koudelka in August.



  • Queen Victoria dies. Preperations are made to resurrect her using the Émigré magic, but the book was retreived by the Vatican. (SH:C retcon)



  • At some point, Koudelka is abducted by the Inquisition, leaving Halley an orphan.
  • Yuri begins to hunt monsters. Koudelka begins to communicate with him telepathically, thanks to his receptive mind.
  • Prince Alexei born in 1907.
  • "Killer" is born in 1905.



  • Via written correspondence, Albert Simon sells his London Mansion property to Jack and his mother. They move in on April 18th. The events described in Jack's diary begin here.
  • On 2nd November, Jack's mother dies.


  • In Janurary, Jack begins delving into the black arts and alchemy in an attempt to bring his mother back to life.
  • On 13th February, Albert Simon (in the guise of Roger Bacon) gives Jack the Émigré Manucript and encourages him to continue his research.
  • Koudelka is moved to Calios Mental Hospital and imprisoned there.



  • During this period, Jack's Mansion is converted into an orphanage to allow him easy access to sacrificial victims without causing too much notice.

1913~Early 1914Edit

  • In February, the writer of the Guest's Diary is murdered by Jack.
  • Six months prior to the start of Shadow Hearts, the shrine of the Black Tortoise is defiled by Yamaraja: Earth.
  • Father Elliot is murdered by Albert Simon.
  • Lightning hits the Blue Dragon Shrine and becomes defiled by Yamaraja: Wind, who turns Li Li into a vengeful ghost.
  • A month later, in the autumn, Alice Elliot is aboard the Trans-Siberian Express, which is attacked by Albert Simon. Yuri stops him from kidnapping Alice and escapes with her. The events of Shadow Hearts begin.
  • Dehuai attempts the Reverse Demon's Gate Invocation, but is killed by Yuri and his friends. Albert Simon then finishes the ceremony summoning the Seraphic Radience. Yuri attempts to fuse with it in an attempt to halt its destructive rampage and vanishes with it while Shanghai burns.
  • Lt. Col. Yoshiko Kawashima is murdered in Shanghai.
  • Five months after the events of Shanghai, monsters begin to attack the town of Bistritz, prompting one man, Terry, to seek out help. This disturbance causes Keith Valentine to awaken.
  • Yuri, who has completely lost his mind, flies towards the tallest tower in Blue Castle.
  • Six months after the events in Shanghai, Alice, Zhuzhen and Margarete travel to Europe in search of Yuri.
  • Alice makes a deal with the Four Masks, offering to take on the burden of Yuri's soul at the cost of her own, which would lead to her eventual death.
  • Tracking Albert Simon down to the United Kingdom, they come across Roger Bacon (now 700 years old), who directs them to Koudelka and Albert Simon.
  • Koudelka is freed, but is abducted by Albert Simon to use as a power source to raise the Neameto Float. It is revealed that beings with such heightened mystical powers, such as Koudelka and Alice, only occur roughly once a century, split into light and dark.
  • Yuri and co. stop Albert Simon and manage to defeat the "God" he summoned.
  • Shadow Hearts Bad Ending: Yuri and Alice travel to Zurich to meet with her surviving family. She finally succumbs to the Four-Mask Curse and dies. Yuri meets with her "grandfather" Gepetto and buries Alice, digging the grave with his own hands and wrapping her up in his coat.
  • All across Europe, a series of bizarre ritualistic murders takes place. The only clue linking them all is the crest of an Owl and a Sword.
  • In June, Archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated. Europe begins to draw up its armies. World War I begins.
  • Yuri and Gepetto travel to the sleepy town of Domremy and become friends with the town's villagers, particually a young girl named Jeanne. He becomes the town's protector, halting the German advance on the town.



  • The events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant begin.
  • Lt. Karin Koenig leads an assault on Domremy only to be repelled by Yuri who kills all of her men, but spares her.
  • Her superiors, desperate to get rid of "The Demon of Domremy", turn to the Vatican for help, who send Cardinal Nicholas "Nicholai" Conrad to assist.
  • A week later, Karin and Nicholai journey to Vatican City to retrieve the Holy Mistletoe - an ancient relic blessed with the power to expel demons.
  • Karin returns to Domremy, only to be betrayed by Nicholai who kills her men and Jeanne, and stabs Yuri with the Mistletoe.
  • Travelling to Wales to meet with Roger, Yuri encounters Kato, Lt. Kawashima's former aide, who is now a diplomat. As it turns out, Roger has been kidnapped and taken to Italy by an organization known as "Sapientes Gladio."
  • Two months after he was impaled with the Mistletoe, Yuri makes his way to the Sapientes Gladio Italian Branch Headquarters to discover that Roger has been transferred to another location.
  • While Yuri and his friends travel to the ruins of Nemeton Monastary to recover the Émigré Manuscript hidden in its depths, Nicholai, Lenny Curtis and Veronica Vera travel to Nahasu Temple, where Nicholai makes a Soul Pact with the demon Astaroth.
  • Roger (aged 701) is rescued and takes Yuri and his friends to Russia to stop the leader of Sapientes Gladio: The Mad Monk Rasputin.
  • Aided by Princess Anastasia, Yuri tries to stop Rasputin's plan of world domination, but fails due to Rasputin's soul pact with Asmodeus. Desperate to stop Rasputin, he heads to Goreme Valley to seek the advice of Bishop Jovis, the former head of Sapientes Gladio.
  • On the advice of the Bishop, and to once again harness the power of the God of Wrath, Amon, Yuri ventures into his soul to confront it, and beats it.
  • Bishop Jovis dies.
  • Facing Rasputin once more, Yuri manages to break his magic shield, but Rasputin calls upon the power of Asmodeus to possess himself and summons the Idar Flamme. Undaunted, Yuri and his party defeats him.
  • Nicholai unleashes the sealed vault of Malice into the world, causing the war to become more brutal, as people become more filled with hatred. Kato takes Nicholai to Japan under his protection.


  • Three months after the Malice was released, the war escalates as chemical weapons are used for the first time.
  • Anastasia crashes the Bacon Jet while trying to photograph some bears, forcing the party to make thier way to Japan via boat.
  • In May, Yuri recovers from seasickness at the Yokohama warehouses where Blanca meets Kurando Inugami, Yuri's cousin.
  • The party are locked aboard the Battleship Mikasa for three days. Karin is granted a Russian passport and the false identity of "Anne" by Anastasia in order to avoid any problems for being a German soldier.
  • Kato uses the power of the Emigre Manuscript to perfect his clone of Yoshiko Kawashima whom he names Ouka.
  • After being experimented on by Dr Hojo, Nicholai succumbs to the power of Astaroth and becomes possessed by him.
  • Despite Astaroth's defeat at Mt Fuji, Nicholai manages to kill Ouka, sending Kato into deeper despair.
  • Heading to the residence of Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura, Yuri assaults him, for his actions that directly and indirectly lead to his father's death, citing the deaths of many others on the Asian continent.
  • Three days later, Kato gives Yuri the Emigre Manuscript so that he can attempt to resurrect Alice.
  • Saki Inugami, Kurando's mother and Yuri's aunt, shows Karin the picture of Yuri and his parents from the day they moved to China.


  • Yuri and Roger attempt the Émigré Ritual to bring Alice back from beyond the grave. It fails, but for the first time in the book's history, the correct soul is brought back, albeit only for a few moments. Despite this failure, he manages to contact Alice inside his soul and makes his peace.


  • Tired of the war, and despairing over the state of the world, Kato raises the Asuka Stone Platform with the intent to transport the world 100 years into the past so that history can be changed.
  • Stopping Kato, Yuri and his friends are stuck in a time warp where they have to pray for a time to be transported to.
  • Karin is transported to 1887 where she, as "Anne", meets Ben Hyuga and becomes Yuri's mother.
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant Good Ending: Yuri is transported to 1913, just before he met Alice, where he waits at a train station for the Trans-Siberian Express. It is implied that he can remember the events of both games, and may possibly avert them in the manner seen in the "Good Ending" of Shadow Hearts.


  • World War One ends.
  • Shadow Hearts: Covenant Bad Ending: Yuri stands alone without his memories on the edge of Nemeton cliff. He is found by Roger Bacon who takes him under his wing under the guise of his father.


  • Johnny and Grace Garland are both killed in a car accident. For the next five years, their bodies are preserved in a hospital.
  • Driven by grief, Graham Garland contacts Marlow Brown, an aspiring magician of the black arts, and together they conspire to bring the children back to life through the use of the Émigré Manuscript.


  • For the first time in history, the Émigré ceremony is a success and manages to fully revive Grace and her soul, but not those of her beloved brother. Sacrificing her own will, she manages to revive her brother at the cost of turning into a being of complete malice.
  • Graham Garland is killed by "Grace Garland", due to the failure of the Émigré Ritual. The Garland Residence is also burnt to the ground, though the basement and shell of the building remain intact.
  • Lady attacks and destroys the Garvoy Valley village and all of its people, leaving only Shania and Natan as survivors.


  • Ricardo moves to Chicago and starts secretly dating Edna Capone.


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