No.9 - Blue Castle/Golden Bat[edit | edit source]

You must have Keith in your party and have obtained the Earth Gravestone from Nina in Bistritz to do this sidequest. After going to Neameto, travel to blue castle, and go to the basement room with all the coffins. There will be a golden bat hovering at the far end of the room. Go to the Golden Bat, and a conversation will start. Turns out its Joachim, Keith's brother, and he challenges you to a fight. You must use Keith only and the Golden Bat gives you five chances to kill it (Along with one for luck). If you fail in those six turns, he will attack you for 999 damage, and you will have to try again. (If you keep dying, then you need to level up.) If you win, then you will get the Demon-Swd-Tyrving, which is Keith's Ultimate Weapon.--Demon Rays (talk) 16:25, 1 June 2009 (UTC) (Note to activate this sidequest you need to go and talk to Nina in Bistritz *AFTER* the earth gravestone sidequest and visiting Neameto.)

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