No.1 - Kowloon Fortress

After fighting the Yamarja of War (Wugai), you are in Shanghai. You go into the room next to you for a scene. Then get out of the Inn and run down to the bar for another scene (If you've played this far, you should know the places I'm talking about). Go down to the smuggler's boat, and open the hatch to get the Yawang Gate Key. Back to the inn, then enter room next to yours. Fight some battles, and talk to Kawashima. You'll then be in a scene with Alice, chained up in Dehuai's Tower. Choose the first 3 options, and the Kowloon Fortress. You then have to go down to the boat again, and choose to set sail. Note: The whole beginning bit was just so you know where it is in the game. Note 2:This Sidequest must be done BEFORE you beat Kuihai Tower. --Demon Rays (talk) 10:07, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

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